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  1. Driving

    In times like these, if you know that the person drives poorly you'll just have to compromise and adjust so you can avoid any road accident. I almost got involved in such situation before because I wasn't careful enough to check that my tires are already worn out and I've been using the same set with an extra to spare. Now I just keep on reserving spares like toyo tires and nitto tires on my garage.
  2. I'm here, just waiting for the family!!!

    Welcome to the community.
  3. Why I live here part 2

    Stunning photos. I love it.
  4. Parents groups

    That sounds like a nice community to live in.
  5. Hello

    Thank you for the replies, I really appreciate the points given. I think that my daughter has the best chance of qualifying in New Zealand but I don't wanna let her down if it Australia is where her heart is. I just have to know everything there is to know such as the cost of living, education, and other necessities including possible part-time employment to support herself. Right now, my best choice is to look for counseling that can help us with the application and other stuff.
  6. Adelaide 1914-2014 montages

    Awesome photos. It's nice that people were able to archive old photos such as these.
  7. Hello

    Hello, I'm Charles originally from California but now residing in Dubai with my family. My daughter is interested to pursue an education in the field of Nursing. We haven't decided where to enroll her. Our initial option is for her to study and live in New Zealand. In terms of residency after her studies, she's more interested in pursuing Australia. Her choice of school is University of South Australia and Deakin University in Melbourne.