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  1. i applied 13 jul 2022 my file ...till now i havent received anything .... can anyone have the same suituation as mine.
  2. hello everyone: I am about to finish my 18 months diploma of nursing and i am preparing for PTE . I wanted to apply on 489 Visa after assessment of my diploma. Do i need to have 2 years course to apply for 489? IF yes then which course is suitable ? As my agent try to sell me another 2 years course on leadership in order to make 2 years diploma.If there is only 6 months course that counts while applying 489...please advice. Thank you.
  3. Got the golden mail today .Applied on 9/01/2018 ,documents asked more on 27/7/2018 Co :dat Granted today by CO: sophorn Thank you guys for all your help .All the best to everyone.
  4. Looks like all the grant comes in christmas feastival moods....LOL
  5. What about who are second timer....does they need to wait that long 12 -15 months ....mine is already 10 months running....
  6. yesterday in my application ...it was written initial assessment and today further assessment ....Does it means they receive my requested documents? ?
  7. Is this email address we send the requested documents or attaching through immi account ? Please advice
  8. i got my file opened today. i had applied on 9th jan 2018. CO = Dat requesting documents 1. Advice by a migration agent/exempt person of providing immigration assistance [ my migration agent did not put any form and in 2017 his MARA license ceased ] 2. Advice of appointment or withdrawal of an authorised recipient. 3. 1 Year Employment : [shown before :- Work In ABN and showed bank statement as salary deposit for 7 months and rest of the payslips is worked in TFN] for wife document 1. Functional english required - "OET provided " not accepted as per CO. Is functional english is ielts general ? All this documents needs to be submitted within 28 days :S Advice me please!!!!
  9. cant we call them regarding our applications ?
  10. Why CO skipped and chose the file of 11th directly ...anyone any idea?
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