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  1. True Blue Aussie

    Free Bedroom Furniture

    This is now gone.
  2. True Blue Aussie

    Free Bedroom Furniture

    Free Bedroom Suite Furniture (No Beds) Large Timber Headboard, Dressing Table and two Bedside Tables. Timber is veneer in good condition, although some wear. Pickup from Rosslyn Park
  3. True Blue Aussie

    Free - Toy Car Ramp

    This is no longer available. Thanks, TBA
  4. True Blue Aussie

    Free - Toy Car Ramp

    We have a ramp for racing toy cars (eg matchbox size). It is 2.4m long and 1.2m wide. It is made from 3mm MDF and while it is painted, it is not suitable to leave out in the weather, so will need to be under verandah or carport. It will need to be supported by table, chair or similar. Pick up from Rosslyn Park and will likely need trailer to carry.
  5. True Blue Aussie

    Port Elliot, Victor Harbor & Hindmarsh Falls

    I especially like the photo with the pelican. Beautiful!
  6. True Blue Aussie

    Fingers (in the bush)

    Couldn't let this one go without a comment. I was brought up on a farm in Victoria, but have lived in the city since adulthood. Living in the rural areas, when you're driving around, you are likely to know the person you are passing, so it is a friendly greeting, and easier than lifting your entire hand off the wheel to wave. Even if you don't know the person, it is still a gesture of hello. Still, when we go back to the rural areas, usually the older people and farmers 'lift the finger' to acknowledge us and say hello. I must admit I don't tend to myself, although will 'reply' if someone else does first. I was reminded of this last night, when I was driving home (in the city) and saw a neighbor outside. We always acknowledge our neighbours, whether driving or walking, if we see them on our travels. Although, if in the car, it will be a proper wave. I believe it is just a courtesy to say hello, rather than saying you are in the bush, or watch out for anything. (That's when you flash your lights.) Cheers, TBA
  7. Not a silly question, and you are correct, people generally look for north facing living areas to get the winter sun during the day. South facing here gets no sun at all.
  8. I love reading comments on this topic. Always lots of fun! As a born and bred Aussie (My first 18 years on a farm.), I never knew there was a problen till i started reading these forums. When it's always been that way you rarely even think about it. I never shake out my shoes, altho i did recently wonder what i could feel in my walking shoes and discovered a dead and squashed cockroach! Snake and red back spider bites are rare. If you come across a spider in the home, just stomp on it ( if small), or spray or whatever.
  9. True Blue Aussie

    To stay or to go! that is the question

    Hi Tyke. I'm fine, thanks. Had a busy couple of years so didn't get on here much. Still lurk a bit, then log on if I have something relevant to say. Still find it interesting to see what people are thinking.
  10. True Blue Aussie

    To stay or to go! that is the question

    Well said Tyke. sounds like a good explanation .
  11. Like Ally says, good idea for project and would make interesting reading. i'm an Aussie, so can't help.Hoping some others of the kind people on here will contribute as well. Good luck with your project!
  12. True Blue Aussie

    2 storey or not 2 storey?

    I prefer two story. Downstairs is cooler in the summer because upstairs acts as insulation. If your bedroom is upstairs you can leave windows open at night without having to worry about intruders. Climbing stairs is good for the heart! Sometimes I do a run up and down the stairs just for some exercise. To me, vacuuming stairs is not much more difficult than any vacuuming. And definitely go for underfloor heating! Also, if there is any view, it's better from upstairs!
  13. True Blue Aussie


    It appears that you learnt a lesson today! I don't quite understand what you did. Did you drive onto the other side of the road and then park in the opposite direction? (Parallel parking?) Or did you just reverse into an angled parking spot and face the traffic? If it was the first, then I can see why it would be dangerous, and wonder why the rest of the parked traffic wasn't a clue for you. As others have said, rudeness does not belong to any particular nationality, although some can tend to be ruder than others, especially those that are used to fighting their way through many many more people, and think that they still need to push and shove even when there aren't as many people. I visited the UK about five years ago, and remember being shocked at the rudeness of a check-out girl in a supermarket, when we had unknowingly omitted to weigh our goods before arriving at the checkout. (It is not a requirement here, and we obviously didn't see any sign saying that is what we should do.) Then she just stood there and watched as we flustered around trying to pack all our goods and pay at the same time! I had never experienced any rudeness like that at a checkout in Australia. So, do I label all Brits as being rude? Far from it. I remembered fondly an earlier visit about twenty years beforehand, where every Brit I came across extended the hand of friendship and helpfulness and extreme kindness. Maybe times have changed somewhat since that first visit, and I do think people these days, are more impatient and stand-offish, but I certainly don't see it as belonging to a particular nationality. Driving does tend to bring out the worst in people, and I have found myself being annoyed at people when I'm either in a hurry or not in a good mood, and at other times I will be very polite and helpful towards other drivers. (But I would NEVER, EVER key another person's car, no matter what happened!) Maybe you were stressed and feeling vulnerable at the time, and it seemed harsher than it actually was, although I do not doubt your story. Whatever, I am sure it could just as easily have been someone of any nationality. (Are you sure it wasn't a Kiwi? I do hear some of you say you can't tell the difference in the accent, even though it's very clear to an Aussie!) I hope this doesn't muddy your view of Aussies. If you look for rudeness you will surely find it.
  14. True Blue Aussie

    Adelaide in late Feb

    From an Aussie who hates the heat - February can be REALLY hot! It is a time of year when I like to stay home in an air-conditioned house and not have to be out and about if I can help it. There could very well be days of extreme heat, such as in the low 40's. Then again, you can be lucky, as temperatures can be variable as well, but I have never liked the heat of February, and even March. A few years ago we had about 15 consecutive days of over 35C, and most of those were in the high 30's, low 40's. (I think that was in March.) It can be really tiring. Especially if you are arriving from a British winter straight into the hottest part of our summer, it could be very uncomfortable. On the contrary, if I remember correctly, last year we had quite a pleasant summer, so you just never know. The east coast could very well be more comfortable, depending on where you go. (If south of about Sydney - too far north and besides the heat you also get the humidity. Also, if you go too far inland it could be very hot.) I don't really want to put a dampener on it and say it will definitely be too hot, but if you are prepared for the worst, then it won't seem so bad. Besides, you may enjoy the heat, especially for a short time, and you're younger than me, so you may also cope better! The best weather times for Adelaide, in my opinion, are April/May and August to October. And definitely, no heading inland to Wilpena Pound this time of year, as has already been stated.
  15. True Blue Aussie

    Are your kids finding school far too easy?

    Thanks Snifter. i figured someone else might be able to do that.

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