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  1. donlou

    GPs in Sheidow Park - bulk billing

    Hi Sarah, We go to Hallett Cove Corner surgery and they bulk bill for under 16's. I know of a place called Fountain Valley Medical Centre in Happy Valley that bulk bill - never been there. We had to book in with the practice nurse recently for my daughter (10) to have her vaccinations registered - we took her red medical book and they uploaded the vaccinations she had already but she did have to have a course of Hep B (not standard in the UK) and one for chicken pox (as we had no proof that she had actually had chicken pox when she was a toddler !). Hopefully you will love Sheidow, we lived there renting when we first got here and daughter still goes to school there.
  2. donlou

    Armed forces pension

    Hi Stevehier75, My AFP I have paid into my Lloyds account in the UK and then transfer it via Moneycorp into my Oz bank account. This way there are no bank charges/transfer fees. You can also fix the sterling or exchange rate for a set period so you know exactly what is coming across every month. It works very well for me and my OH who both have AFpensions.
  3. donlou

    New M&S website for Australians - all in $'s

    Hi all, I also got the email as I have been ordering from M&S for the last two years. I find the quality of their clothing much better than certain shops here!!! Most of the time I get the order within 7 days so it is fantastic as far as I am concerned. Next also deliver very promptly too. Just need M&S now to send their sarnies and I will be very happy !!!
  4. donlou

    Deadly 60 Live - Coming to Adelaide

    Many thanks for the info Snifter, my daughter loves the TV show ... I have just purchased tickets for the live show now!!
  5. donlou

    Pommie sandwich shop

    Many thanks for informing us of this, I was just saying to my better half the other day that there are no decent pre packed sarnies here! I work in the city so will definitely try it out and let you all know... ( oh how I miss M & S food hall !!)
  6. donlou

    80s Mania

    I agree Jessica, Go West and Nik were fantastic - had a great night, first time at the Gov and loved the venue (except for the 10 deep queue at the bar!!) - so glad I took the day off work today as I can hardly speak due to lots of singing :-) !!!
  7. donlou

    80s Mania

    Hi all, well I can't believe I bought my ticket back in April for the 80's mania night and it's almost here !! Anyone fancy meeting up beforehand for a drink or two? I am on my own as a couple of mates I thought were going are not. Anyone travelling in to the city from down south ?- I am at Hallett Cove and will be getting the train in. Looking forward to a great night of music
  8. donlou

    Brownies and Beavers

    Hi, My daughter is 9 years of age and goes to Girl Guides (no such thing as Brownies here) the uniform is different than the UK. You have to buy the guide top but can wear any trouser/short bottoms as long as they are blue. She loves Girl guides and hopefully your daughter will too. Note though it is a lot more expensive I have found than Brownies in the UK, but worth every $ if the kids enjoy it!
  9. donlou

    80s Mania

    Great Tamara, I have just booked my ticket - looking forward to reliving my youth !! :-)
  10. donlou

    80s Mania

    Oh wow thanks for letting us all know, loved Go West in my early teens, went to see them twice - would love to go but other half not so keen! Tamara you up for this? (I stayed at your cottage Jan 14 for a month, we met a couple of times) Anyway fancy going, I am happy to tag along with others if you'll have me ? !! Thanks Donna.
  11. donlou

    Making an offer on property

    Hi guys, Thanks to everyone for the replies, interesting reading and some good advice. Yes it is exciting too, SA will feel more like home when we have one !! Cheers everyone x
  12. donlou

    Making an offer on property

    G'day all, We are currently going to house ' Opens' with a view to purchasing a property soon. What is the process for making an offer? Can you talk to the real estate agent at the open and make a verbal offer or do you have to make a written offer? Any advice greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. DonLou
  13. donlou

    New Arrival = Leave

    Congratulations Andy & Stacey, welcome to the most rewarding rollercoaster ride of your lifes! Enjoy every precious moment with Indie.
  14. Hi all, I have been here 6 months and currently looking for work (therefore free at the mo)I too have only really met mums on the school run so far. I am 41 and have a daughter who is 8 years of age. I live in Sheidow Park but happy to meet up anywhere in the south. perhaps we should see if others want to meet and arrange a definite time and place if that works for everyone ? :-)
  15. donlou

    Got a job!

    Congratulations, wow 3 weeks is really quick to secure a job - Best of luck.

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