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  1. Rabeah

    Safety in Adelaide

    Several times carjacked in Perth? I simply don't believe that. We live in Adelaide for 5 years now and feel safe. Also visited relatives in Perth in 2013/2014 (X-mas break) and they have good good quality cars and never had issues with somebody trying to carjack...I mean it can happen everywhere but 'several times' *no way*
  2. Rabeah

    2 Years in - Thank you

    Fantastic update, well done :-) 2 years in is a good bench mark to look back into your migration journey. My other half and me felt really settled after 2 years and hey you have also passed all 'waiting times' regarding Centrelink benefits and being eligible for a full 5 year RRV (in theory, for us 3 years ago it was a benefit to know that we could get it in case we wouldn't last here for long). We never had homesickness in all these 5 years but feeling it now out of a sudden....after we've booked our 1st plane tickets to visit family and friends back in our 'old' country ;-)
  3. Rabeah

    Positive Adelaide Thread

    Ah, forgotten one thing: parking at the beaches is available which is nearly impossible in Sydney, Melbourne (not much beaches anyway) and Perth after 9:30/10:00 am on sunny weekends.
  4. Rabeah

    Positive Adelaide Thread

    I like this pure nature a short drive away from Adelaide no matter if it goes to the stunning beaches or the outback. Every European is so keen on Sydney and miss out on that typical outback experience which is so easy to get in South Australia. I love that housing (=renting or purchasing a house) is still affordable in comparison to Sydney, Melbourne or Perth (those cities I love, too). No real jam during peak traffic like I was used to before coming here. Easy city to commute. Last but not least, a lovely bunch of people living here in Adelaide.
  5. Rabeah

    Specified Work in Adelaide

    Try the Riverland, this is SA's fruit and veggie region, around 260 kms away from Adelaide. Renmark and surroundings is an area I would look at if I were you.
  6. Wozzie had your other half applied at Aldi? They're opening supermarkets in SA + WA currently everywhere due to that roll out. Even a 'low' entry role is sometimes the key opener otherwise look into another field?
  7. Rabeah

    Foreign languages in Adelaide

    In Adelaide is also a very huge population of Greek migrants, especially in the West. Lots of Greek restaurants and Greek Association hosts its yearly Greek festival in Semaphore and the Greek Club in the City in their Club home (my other half and me attended in our 1st year of arrival and it was fantastic!). German used to be a common language but not anymore - especially in the Adelaide Hills and Klemzig region. And the way you enunciate yourself in English I don't see any language barriers so far ;-)
  8. Hi there, I feel for your other half, took me also a while to secure work in 2012. What helped me was to gain Australian qualifications, from that day with a Cert III I hit the job market. It may be possible for your hubby to obtain an Australian qualification in his field of work by asking Centrelink, they have a 'job ready' progam. Also have a look to reshape the other half's resume into an Australian one! Australian resumes differ from European versions and needs to be converted into Australian 'format'. Have a look on seek, sometimes it's just that simple reason why applicants never hear back from prospective employers. Your hubby needs an outstanding resume and often cover letters are required which are also different from the UK/Europe. The issue in Adelaide is not only that it's all about 'who you know not what you know' but furthermore South Aussie Employers are very keen on 'real' Australian qualifications, like a certificate II, III or IV even for refilling shelves in a supermarket!!! Employers in Adelaide are able to cherry pick and prefer either locals or if they cannot find anybody local would rather take on an applicant with Australian papers. Many migrants learned it the hard way and even with a positive skill assessment for their visa had to retrain in order to become competitive. It depends on the field of work, of course. Some occupations are in shortage but I doubt logistics belongs to that area. This market here is highly competitive and I have heard from people posting here on this forum of heading off to Victoria based on what you mentioned and finding work on the spot and never looked back! Most important is doing some research before heading off interstate.
  9. Rabeah

    RRV granted within 1 minute

    Thanks Cliffy for the info but we're not in a hurry and don't travel anywhere in the near future. My partner is happy to wait for a 'normal' ceremony - nowadays councils are less likely to host 'extra' ceremonies (for our council too expensive I guess) - and I'm happy with a RRV only as our travel facility was going to expire and I'm expecting the RRV fee to rise as of tomorrow/new financial year. We don't have a valid reason for an 'urgent' ceremony and don't want to make up a story. Waited so long and happy to wait even longer. If my country of origin wouldn't make such a fuss with paperwork and evidence I would have applied for Australian citizenship as well but able live without it for a couple of more years.
  10. Just in case anybody is interested: after I have lodged my RRV via ImmiAccount, paid and then submitted my application today and directly received an instant grant! Within 1 minute after my payment was processed successfully. I have applied online and am living in Australia for nearly 4 1/2 years and never left the country. I have lodged my application for a RRV 155 online and the application was straight forward and I'm convinced no person/staff member even looked at it. It will be electronically granted nowadays and that's why it's so quick as lightning. Would be great if immi could process citizenship applications with at least half or quarter of that lightning speed!!! In another thread on pomsinoz 'citizenship timeline 2015/2016' I have still my other half sitting in the pipeline since March 2016 with a fully approved citizenship application but no ceremony date in sight as our 'beautiful' council is not hosting any ceremonies currently. The next one will happen in August and we are positive he's in but he became really jealous how quick 'long term' PR's like me are treated in comparison to citizenship applicants.
  11. I think you put the cart before the horse: your main focus should be on securing work and have a good life, cleaners are doing a good job but I don't know what area you have worked before coming here. Why are you so concerned regarding citizenship? If I were you I would be more concerned about finding steady jobs in your line of work where you can progress and thrive. Citizenship is far, far ahead and for me it makes no sense to strive for citizenship in a new country when you have an existential crisis there. Firstly, find a way to stay here permanently, citizenship is an automatic process anyway after 4 years. 4 years can be very long...
  12. Immi certainly needs copies of the new passports. Assuming you've send it via mail it may needs to be certified by a JP or so. Alternatively you can send them an email (with your visa grant no) and add the form + passports as scanned attachments. This is probably the easiest way. Providing immigration with poof of your new address is not necessary as settled onshore PRs.
  13. Rabeah

    No words to describe adelaide

    Actually your headline is wrong as you don't describe Adelaide you'd rather described two northern suburbs on the outskirts of Adelaide (with lots of issues though). 'The' Adelaide we live in is completely different as what you describe. It's always good to check suburbs before starting a living. Get a feeling for an area by travel to it at dusk & dawn. Visiting the shopping mall was a good idea though that somebody damaged your car is really troublesome and I'm sorry that you had this experience. When we came here more than 4 years ago we not only did our internet research but 'leg work' before we made to a decision where to live (and even that can change depending on what neighbours you one day get). Good luck and be reassured there are plenty of nice and friendly suburbs around here.
  14. Rabeah

    Jobs in ALDI

    Tamara is right. The reason why many will get rejections is that the stores are lean in resourcing staff. That's the reason why it's cheaper to shop at Aldi than the other retail chains.
  15. Rabeah

    Jobs in ALDI

    Do you have a Certificate II in Retail? Or even a Cert III? The reason why I'm asking if you don't have an Australian certificate in Retail from an RTO your application will automatically be deemed unsuccessful. In this country you need Aussie qualifications AND work experience even for shelving/night fill.

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