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  1. trx

    887 Visa - What's the update?

    as far as i know they made temporary change allowing recent pr also to access jobseeker and parenting payments until March 2021 , , i got pr in june this year and applied for jobseeker after losing my job and have been receiving it for past couple of months , you have to create a CRN ( customer reference number ) by calling centrelink or using mygov , then in my gov go to centrelink and apply for job seeker , They will asses ,if you are eligible they will approve and payments will start two weeks later , you have to agree to a job plan (applying for 8 jobs a month ) and will have to attend any interviews with job provider agencies , after march 2021 payments should stop as we haven't completed waiting periods
  2. trx

    887 Visa - What's the update?

    Hi we applied for parenting payment and i applied for job seeeker as i am out of work since a few weeks back and since the website says waiting periods are waived until December 31 or something, it sounds to me like we are eligible until end of this year and after that payments will end if we have not served waiting periods by then , we got approved for both payments , i had to get a customer reference number by calling ( if you have australian license can get online ) and then register on centrelink website and lodge a claim application along with your previous and current details , income ,all bank statements , visa , passport copies , our payments starts 2 weeks after approval date
  3. trx

    887 Visa - What's the update?

    Can 887 visa holders get job seeker now, it says on website “ We’ve temporarily removed the newly arrived resident’s waiting period for JobSeeker Payment due to coronavirus (COVID-19). Read more about” ?
  4. got it on 10th june this month
  5. i have an excessive speeding offence but that is from 2011 and i haven't got any traffic offences since then , so i hope they will look past this and consider my citizenship , if your driving recored before this drink driving and after this offence is good then it will not be a problem , if you have a pattern of traffic offences it can be a problem as they will look at this as you were a person who breaks Australian laws more often. Whatever it is make sure that when you apply for citizenship declare all offences and show remorse for your actions , try to convenience them that it will not happen again
  6. i got the green medicare card in the post today , i didn't inform medicare but i received a letter from them along with the medicare card that dha have informed them about our pr grant
  7. trx

    887 Visa - What's the update?

    I think it's upto co as i had a similar issue , i wrote a cover letter and attached the overseas pcc we got in 2016 but i did that before co was to request pcc ,and they provided us with direct grant without even asking for an updated one , is it possible for u to get a letter from an indian consular office in Australia mentioning this office closure due to covid and delay in india? if so it maybe worth a try getting a letter and send it to processing unit
  8. a) someone told me that the green medicare card was sent to them without even notifying medicare about it , so im going to wait a couple of weeks before going to medicare b) if you have a child and a spouse that does not work and if your income is below a certain amount you maybe eligible to get family tax benefit b payments , if so you might have to take your documents to centre link otherwise for many other benefits we have to wait for between 1-4 years c) Nothing else that i can think of other than updating immi account when you move address and preparing for citizenship
  9. Hi mate from what i know so far ( research due to similar issues with driving but more serious) she does not have to wait for demerit points to be removed in order to apply for citizenship , however when assessing her file they will consider the date the offence was done , any repeat traffic offences , any pattern in traffic offences etc , if she has a history of running the red light once in a while it will be a problem , if she has other traffic offences in a short period of time that could affect her file too , so better make sure she does not add more fines to her traffic history , if it's just a once off thing and if she have no more traffic offences before and after that then it couldn't be a problem at all but make sure you declare all offences minor or major as this will show that you are of good character and take responsibility for your mistakes
  10. trx

    887 Visa - What's the update?

    I arrived on 26th aug 2017 and applied on 27th aug 2019 waited just one day to be sure
  11. trx

    887 Visa - What's the update?

    Everyone who has been granted pr and lucky people in this forum who will get pr soon , after the grant can we keep in touch in this new forum created and help each other out with our questions regarding any questions we have on adopting to our new life and also help prepare for our citizenship journey This forum was very helpful with 887 i hope we can continue this for our citizenship journey too
  12. Created for new pr grants to help each other out with their questions and preparation for citizenship journey
  13. trx

    887 Visa - What's the update?

    Black and white is the new gold !!!
  14. trx

    887 Visa - What's the update?

    Hi DVR thanks for that , please find a format of the cover letter i wrote for pcc issue. I wasn't sure if they would accept an old pcc , it was a long shot but there was no way i could get it in time under current situation so two weeks back i wrote this letter and combined it into a single pdf with the old pcc i obtained in 2016 and attached it under police clearance section in immi account just mentioning file name as myname_country_police clearance.pdf
  15. trx

    887 Visa - What's the update?

    That's my idea aswell but i submitted 1229 anyway just to be sure

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