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    is this financially possible??

    RE being in the job. Sapol might look very favourably on an application when you get here. I'm pretty sure Corrections would be very pleased to hear from you as well. As has been pointed out Security work needs a licence. And being a former copper isn't exactly a walk-up start for security here. The industry is trying to professionalise itself and is trying not to be a second-rate private police force. Ex military are more likely to succeed in getting into security these days. Also you will need an Australian style cv/resume for any job. The HR industry here can be a bit quirky. I'm retired Sapol (now working in completely different industry) so drop me a message if you have any specific questions.
  2. Royd

    Best In Australia

    I love these stories. Not so much for the story itself but you can bet the comments will be full of people threatening to stab themselves in the eye because they read something positive about Adelaide and South Australia.
  3. Royd

    British washing piwder and fabric conditioner.

    Scents are very strong when it comes to memory so it's not surprising that someone should nominate goods that evoke memories of good times somewhere else. Taste isn't so important. Oh and Nobby, unfortunately your initial post did come off as being very smart arse. Glad to hear it wasn't intended.
  4. 2010 stayed here - http://www.radissonblu-edwardian.com/middlesex-hotel-gb-ub3-5aw/gbedwair - for a couple of nights on arrival. Excellent.
  5. Royd

    Tafe sa

    TAFE is a very good choice. They have an emphasis on practical skills and are well regarded by employers. You can see this at work if you look at how Flinders University and TAFE and working together for graduates to be prepared for work rather than knowing a discipline. You are quite correct in believing you have to be qualified in Australia. Our Vocational Education System has got just about everything covered and frankly you won't find a good job without a relevant qualification (in VET it's usually at TAFE although private providers offer qualifications which are just as valid thanks to your regulatory system). Have a look here - http://www.tafesa.edu.au/ I have a lot of experience in the vocational education sector so I can speak with some authority. Anyway TAFE is definitely worthwhile.
  6. Royd

    Introduction to the wildlife!

    http://www.humbugscrubsanctuary.org.au/ http://www.environment.sa.gov.au/parks/Find_a_Park/Browse_by_region/Adelaide_Hills/Para_Wirra_Recreation_Park Watch out for the emus, they'll try to grab your food over your shoulder
  7. http://www.flinders.edu.au/living/ Even if you don't live on campus it might be useful to use them for private accommodation as you are more likely to avoid crooks.
  8. I can't help with the visa info but I have a few ideas on the job aspects. Given your language abilities I'd say you would be well placed for a job. Having said that Adelaide is notorious for requiring "local experience" so the best way to handle that is to make it work for you - hence emphasis on language skills. As for your partner, not sure, he might be able to get something back of house in a restaurant, but that's speculation on my part. A good way to start looking might be to check a few recruiters. http://www.membershipcentre.rcsa.com.au/RCSAWebGen/Company_Listing.aspx This is the site for the professional association for recruiters. You can use the various drop-down menus to locate some recruiters who may be able to help both of you. You could give them a call or email and see what they can organise. Best wishes for your future.
  9. Royd

    Speeding fine...do I have to pay?

    Under SA law the owner of the vehicle is deemed to be guilty of the offence in this situation - reference s. 79B (2) of the Road Traffic Act. Under the same section at subsection (2) sub-paragraph (b) the body corporate is able to shift liability to the driver if they pass on the details of the driver to the police. I'd inquire about the administration fee involved. I'd also contact the Expiation Notice Branch of Sapol and inquire as to the matter and frankly if it was you then cough the money up and be done with it. That way no nasty surprises will be lurking for you. Expiation notice enquiries (08) 8463 4388, expiationsbranch@police.sa.gov.au
  10. Royd

    medicare query

    Medicare is a Commonwealth service so it shouldn't matter where you are when you apply. Best to check online though - http://www.humanservices.gov.au/customer/subjects/medicare-services
  11. Not being able to find work in a particular city or state would be enough to put me off the place for sure. I'd have to move on too. And I think I'd be a bit jaundiced in my comments. But that doesn't make them invalid. Adelaide and South Australia are interesting experiences. Adelaide is a difficult city to get to know, so much is hidden. There is definitely a stratum of hidden jobs here that are only found through personal contacts and that must be very difficult for any new arrival who hasn't got something lined up already. True the internet does offer some job-searching opportunities but that's really a more interactive version of the employment classifieds. The State has been in the doldrums for many years. And it will get out of them. Its history shows that. In the early years the Province nearly went bankrupt (it was a private enterprise initiative, unlike the rest of the Colonies which were government-established). But various mineral finds (copper, gold) helped it out. It was great for agriculture (still is) but the ignorance of Goyder's Line caused massive failures in the wheat farming business before the message hit home. Its economic base was primary production until the time of Sir Tom Playford who acted like a socialist entrepreneur in getting industry to relocate to South Australia. It did well in the post-War boom right up until about the 1980s. A decline in manufacturing didn't help, the steelworks and shipbuilding enterprises at Whyalla were closed down by BHP. The incentives that Playford gave to get industries to come to the State failed to work and off they went, interstate on their way to overseas, taking the jobs with them. The State Bank disaster, a private enterprise failure, hammered South Australia mercilessly and it's this that we're still dealing with. Socially we've gone backwards, become more conservative, in keeping with the economic times. During the 1970s Adelaide and South Australia were vibrant, socially progressive places. They will be again, it just takes a bit of time and good management. I'm no cock-eyed optimist but I can see things are starting to improve here, albeit slowly. A few years ago I would have voted to split the State and hive off its bits bordering the other States and the NT. Now, not so much. I do get a feeling that there is more confidence now. With good government we will get back on out feet and the rustbucket label will be something we look back and laugh at. But having said that, of course if it's not working for someone they need to go and find opportunities elsewhere. It's a shame they have to but that's how things are in our kind of society.
  12. Royd

    Which telco/internet provider?

    I've had Interdone as my isp for years - brilliant.
  13. Ah those twin laws of supply and demand. When labour is in demand wages go up as employers compete with one another for the scarce resource – this has an inflationary effect and apparently isn't good for the economy. When labour is in good supply or where there is an over-supply then wages go down as workers compete with one another (theoretically anyway) for work and will try to undercut one another. This is apparently good for the economy as it is anti-inflationary. And unemployment is required for our economy to work to avoid the inflationary effect of “full employment”. If anyone can find any common sense in this I would love to hear it.
  14. Royd

    'The Wife'

    You don't hear it now so much but when I first came here (1965) I was confused to hear an adult man talking about "Mum" when he meant his wife. I think I prefer Arfur's "' 'er indoors" or even Rumpole's "She Who Must Be Obeyed".
  15. Royd

    Centre link entitlement

    HelloAnil Thereis a printed booklet which is available from Centrelink, post offices(I think) and community centres and possibly a local library whichdetails all payments. It's called “A guide to Australian governmentpayments.” It may be available online, not sure. Anywayit tells me that Newstart allowance is available to you after 104weeks. Yourqualifications are recognised by govt but not by the market. I'm notsurprised. It's very difficult for non-locals to get decent work inAdelaide. Having said that I'm sure I'll get a few flames telling meI'm wrong. Doesn't matter that I volunteer in a community centrewhere I help new arrivals to Australia to negotiate the many hurdlesthat prevent them getting work, what would I know eh? Come to think of it, what would you know either eh? Nevermind, things will work out, you just need to sit back and work outhow to get around the many obstacles. How'syour resume/cv? If that isn't written as Australian employers likethen they'll likely just ignore it or it will not be scanned by therobots they use these days to review resumes and applications. Youmight want to contact a local community centre for help in trying todeal with some of these problems. Are you registered as a job seeker?Centrelink and Job Search Agencies can help you out by referrals andassistance and it's worth a try. http://www.communitycentressa.asn.au/- this is where you can find your local community centre which may beable to assist. Bestof luck with your inquiries.

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