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  1. If you do it yourself there's a lot of filling in what seems like the same form multiple times. It's not overly complicated doing it yourself especially once you've done the IELTS, have your skilled assessment in place and have enough points. I did it for a 489 visa for myself and my partner and was amazed how smoothly it all went. When doing the reference for the skilled assessment there is an example on the website where all of the skilled occupations are listed or else on the site of the governing body for the assessment. You can also look up the skill in detail and you'll get a list if points of what a person with that skill should be able to do. Put the 2 together, saying in the reference you've done what the want you to be able to do and you should be ok.
  2. Hi Shelle, I'm also here from Ireland but on a 489 visa and was initially on a working holiday visa. Being irish, unless our visa is permanent, we are not actually covered by Medicare. Ireland only has a reciprocal health care agreement where you only get emergency a&e cover. That being said, I know some people who only on a WHV have managed to get cover and a Medicare card by applying by post and perhaps not being checked properly. I've managed thus far without cove except for the initial travel insurance. 2 years backpacker worldwide cover which covered me for a GP visit. At least this way you don't have to pay a Medicare levy on your tax as were not eligible for Medicare
  3. If your just happy with a bit to hold you over for now try pinnacle people, they are a hospitality agency based on grenfell street and always looking for people. I worked for them here and in Qld. Shifts are a bit hit and miss especially at first but it's decent money. It's mainly waiting/function work and if you get a RSA then Bar work too. All you really need, is to be able to do is hold 2/3 plates of food and they'll ask to to fill in a questionnaire about service. It's all pretty straightforward. They ask for experience but just make some up from back home if you don't have any. I had loads but made it up for my partner and we both got a fair bit of work while we were struggling to get decent regular work. Hope it helps!
  4. Irishglover


    I went to jetty rd dental clinic, 106 jetty rd glenelg recently. Both myself and my partner saw Emma Burgess, she's English and very good!
  5. Irishglover

    Anyone wanna meet up ??

    Good choice, I play down at Seaford but live up in glenelg. If you want any contacts for the amateurs PM me and I can give you the coach or club secretary's numbers. Either that or just then up any Wednesday or Friday for 7pm. They have youth teams too but not sure about the starting ages
  6. Irishglover

    Anyone wanna meet up ??

    Hey, have you any interest in playing football (soccer as the Aussies call it). There's a fair few teams around the Seaford area and some with a good mix of poms and Aussies. Seaford rangers probably the closest or a new team set up in aldinga this year. Also one in noarlunga and a little further north. Great way of meeting people and most are just starting training this week and very family friendly too. All the teams are a decent enough standard for the a teams but the b's is more just people having a bit of fun and socialising
  7. Irishglover

    Flights to the UK in September '14

    It's worth waiting a bit and just keep looking and checking comparison sites. Also check comparison sites and whatever the cheapest is then go direct to the airlines site to see if they do better. I booked flights for my partner and myself this week to Dublin for April for $1500 each return. Only 1 2hr stop in Dubai. Flying with emirates but booked through qantas as they were doing a sale on the dats. Emirates were quoting around $1900 each
  8. Irishglover

    489 Application Approved

    Hi, yes I know you don't immediately qualify for residency after 2 years and there are other conditions you have to fulfill such as the work requirement. I assume the OP has looked into all of this and wasn't offering advise just giving my congratulations. You don't however require full time employment to fulfill the work requirement. I am currently on a 489 visa and you either need full time work or multiple part time jobs adding up to 35 hours a week for a total period of 12 months over the duration of the 4 year visa. It does not have to be consecutive or with the one employer
  9. Irishglover

    golf buddies wanted

    Hi Tony, I'd be interested in joining up for a game too. I used to play a bit back home but been a few years since I've played regularly. I swore when I came here 2 years ago I'd play more but the clubs are just gathering dust. I'm going to try and get out to the range over the next few weeks and try get some lessons. Gonna have a look at the Facebook page and maybe try meet up with you all for a game in a couple of weeks if yous have something on. Peter
  10. Irishglover


    Yep thanks, maybe next time huggesy. Ye head down john, we'll be there from 2!
  11. Irishglover


    Yep I have it. I sent you mine yesterday too!
  12. Irishglover


    Hey guys. Fancy meeting up in the Dublin around 2 tomorrow?
  13. Irishglover

    489 Application Approved

    2 years and you can qualify for residency and do what you like. All the best with all your planning and as I said I'm sure you'll love it here!
  14. Irishglover

    489 Application Approved

    Congratulations! Hopefully everything works out for you when you get here and it was worth all the work. I'm sure you'll love it here even though if I remember correctly you originally wanted WA.
  15. Irishglover


    Hey, sorry was trying to figure out when were around this weeks cause were away all day Saturday and wasn't too sure on Sunday. We should be alright to meet for a drink Sunday afternoon though!

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