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  1. nomorehashbrowns

    golden grove area

    We have been in Wynn Vale since 2006, love the place. I'm often walking around our lovely lake (Dam) in these lovely summer nights
  2. nomorehashbrowns

    Little Athletics

    Yes it's a big weekend for the kids, they all like the multi"s. They compete against all the other athletes from across our State in 5 or 6 disciplines to find the overall all rounder. We will be there as my daughter will be doing three events on each day. The "adults" competition is the seniors (Athletics SA), they have Inter club meets every Saturday Afternoon at Santos. It's open to Little Athlete's over 12 years to join, and is a great pathway to carry on with the sport. My only concern is that most of the age groups will be doing their 800m in the hottest part of the day (1-3). Good luck to all those going
  3. nomorehashbrowns

    Little Athletics

    Glad to see you all enjoying Little Aths, keep an eye out for the first meeting at Santos on the last Sunday this month (29th). You need to register your child by the 15th November. This year its called the State Classic, but most know it as PB day. It's a big thing for the kids as they get to do their stuff in a big stadium.
  4. nomorehashbrowns

    Little Athletics

    There has been a big spike in kids coming out to come and try's at most clubs snifter, what club have you tried out ??. Clubs like Henley have historically had large memberships (400+), but luckily not all turn up at once on Friday nights. It is imperative that Parents help out, otherwise things don't happen. But what happens so often is that its the same parents that help out while others watch, and it can get very annoying as the seasons pass. Most of the committee members are Mums and Dad's too, and sadly they sometimes don't get to see their own children during the meet. Basically what parents are asked to do is chaperone(recording results) while the others help with measuring, putting the high jump bar up, canteen helpers, BBQ duties etc. There is something special about Little Athletics for Parents, your right there when it happens !!. It could be your child finishing a 800m race, throwing a discus, jumping over a high bar. Your there to give a cuddle for a personal best or a disappointment, infact most kids will love you being there to see them perform. Ive been involved for many years now as a committee member and a President, and Ive met some wonderful people from my club and others along the way, its a fantastic sport for all abilities, shapes and sizes. It's all about personal achievement not winning.
  5. nomorehashbrowns

    IMPORTANT - UK Pension Transfers Post 6 April 15

    Thank you Andrew for keeping us updated
  6. nomorehashbrowns

    Little Athletics

    Hi Sniffer, a lot of clubs will let you do "come and try" without registering through SALAA. You just rock up at the meet, earlier than the start. You will have to fill out a form for insurance purposes, pay $5.00 (some clubs waiver this). You can then be free to enjoy the events your age group is doing on that day.
  7. nomorehashbrowns

    Further Super (QROPS) Funds added to HMRC ROPS list

    Looked at it yesterday Andy, very disappointing for a lot of people I guess. I wonder why many of those pre June companies that held a QROPS certificate haven't looked into an over 55 "club".
  8. nomorehashbrowns

    UK Pension Transfer (QROPS) Solution for over 55's

    Who are P Wyns ??. Just googled to find out more info, but nothing. Judging by the full title on the ROPS list it has something to do with Self Managed Funds. Roll on the 15th for the next instalment !!
  9. nomorehashbrowns

    UK Pension Transfer (QROPS) Solution for over 55's

    Just sighted the updated list, still only the one ROPS in Australia. And you have to be an employee of the local government in Queensland to opt into that !!. Apparently a new list comes out twice a month (1st and 15th)
  10. nomorehashbrowns

    UK Pension Transfer (QROPS) Solution for over 55's

    Absolutely gutted, I was going through the process with ANZ Super as my receiving Super for my UK pension, and received an email saying sorry we are no longer a QROPS. The thing that gets me is that I am over 55 and the new legislations don't affect me directly. I know I'm not alone with this, but it doesn't soften the blow. Working for a supplier to Holden's and being 58 now, the idea was to draw on that UK pension if I didn't find a job post 2017
  11. nomorehashbrowns

    Mass Unemployment looms over adelaide

    We have been here almost 10 years now and gained a company sponsorship through RSMS, through my wife's skills in childcare. In the UK I had a "job for life" working for Royal Mail, and after 27 years was well established and settled. I vowed that I would do anything when we got here, and for the last 8 years have had the same job. Alas that job is as a supplier to Holdens and Ford so my sell by date is almost up !!. I'll be nearly 60 then, and unfortunately will have to find a job to get us "past the post" for our retirement. My point is that we came here for our children, well 2 out of the 4, so they could have a better life, and luckily they both have. My youngest is still in year 8 and my son [26] is in the Air force in Darwin. We still feel we have done the right thing and our sacrifices were for our children. It does seem mental coming 12000 miles to a new land without any unemployment, but that's what a lot of us have done.
  12. nomorehashbrowns

    Please help!! Homesick and considering moving back to the UK?

    The poor girl is 16 and at her wits end............I imagine you sound just like her Mum
  13. nomorehashbrowns

    HMRC direct freeze on pension transfers in progress to Australian QROPS

    All good Andy, paper work complete ( it is a onepath super) just waiting on my Transfer value. This could take up to 13 weeks. Once it's over I wont have to worry about the bloody exchange rates anymore. Mind you it has done quite well laying dormant in the UK for the past 7 years, quite surprised the last time I enquired. It's averaged a growth of $20k a year, which I know will be taxed at 15%.
  14. nomorehashbrowns

    HMRC direct freeze on pension transfers in progress to Australian QROPS

    I'm just waiting for my Royal Mail pension to be transferred, have done all the paperwork and I'm waiting for my final settlement amount. The super I've chosen is the ANZ Smart choice. Given the amount I have one eye very closely on the exchange rate, but I'm resigned to losing some of my hard earned pension to a greedy bank.......it sucks !!
  15. nomorehashbrowns

    Little Athletics

    Just wanted to congratulate your Grandson on a very successful season at Little Athletics, I cant shout loud enough to say what a great activity Little Athletics is, almost 8,000 kids in our state are part of it !! I remember Noarlunga hosting the Cross Country State Championships a few years back, had a lovely day there. It was well organised, and we were well looked after. I met Matt Evans and his son Harrison from Noarlunga when our children were privileged to represent the State in the SAPSASSA Cross Country Nationals a few years back at Oakbank. Great bloke, and a good runner at that too !! Our Track and Field season is still going as my Daughter has made the U13 girls State squad, flying out to Perth in a few weeks time. Little Athletics truly is a great way to get the kids out and make friends, it's healthy and fun. It doesn't matter what shape your in, the emphasise is on Fun, Family and Fitness. Well done again on your Grandson's achievements

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