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  1. Hi, We are looking for a place from 20th Nov. Please can you let me know rent and avilability? Cheers, Billy
  2. BillyJo

    What have you done today to get yourself to Aus?

    WOOP! Made it at last All here safe and sound @ 09:00 on the 7th. Staying on North Terrace for a couple of nights before moving on. City looks amazing and the heat is awesome Suppose this will be my last post in this particular thread....
  3. BillyJo

    What have you done today to get yourself to Aus?

    Well...spent the last 3 days at a Centre Parcs near London with my family after a week of goodbyes at home in Scotland. Looking forward to flying out from Heathrow at 22:05 tomorrow night on Singapore Airlines. Horrible rain and fog here so hoping flight isn't delayed and things go to plan! My international transfer of cash only just cleared 5 mins ago after a nightmare of multiple phone calls and document checks which have lasted all week...just glad we have cash in ANZ now for arrival. Have hotel booked for 1st couple of nights...then Tamara has us sorted for 11 days after that Can't believe we are finally going to Oz!! Will post as soon as I can after arriving Cheers all!
  4. BillyJo

    What have you done today to get yourself to Aus?

    Well that's the house sold....move out at end of month. shipping sorted.....notice handed in at work. looking to fly out between 6th and 9th November.....what a long journey this has been!! so much to sort out.....just want to get there now
  5. BillyJo

    Adelaide Job Market

    Wow....could spend all night analysing the contradictions in those few lines Entertaining post....well done
  6. BillyJo

    190 Skilled Visa Granted!

    Finally had my visa granted today! Clock starts ticking to get over there...WOO HOO!
  7. BillyJo

    What have you done today to get yourself to Aus?

    Still waiting on new baby being born!!! Due date was October 9th..... Case officer was assigned at beginning of September but everything on hold now until baby arrives. waiting.......waiting.....waiting.......
  8. BillyJo

    What have you done today to get yourself to Aus?

    Well...that's the Visa application sent and paid for! Medical checks and police checks are next on the list. We are getting there slowly
  9. Same.....aboot 4 months for mine
  10. BillyJo


    Congrats! I got three 8.5's and a 9 Well done
  11. BillyJo


    Hi wrcaston.......I had to read that post twice as it is a mirror image of our situation! EOI in May 1st, we are expecting third child in October too! Here is info provided by our agent: (I told them before EOI and before I filled out State nomination) This won’t have an impact on the visa process until you have been assigned a case officer, which won’t be until after we have lodged your final visa application. The problem arises when asked to do the medicals, as this involves a chest x-ray which can be harmful to an unborn baby. Therefore, once you have been assigned a case officer we will inform them that Lynn is pregnant. The case officer may ask that you all hold off on the medicals and police checks until the baby is born, at which time the baby will be added to the application and you will all do the medicals at the same time or it could be the case that the case officer asks you all to do the police checks and medicals as normal but allows Lynn to bypass the chest x ray until the baby has been born. Hope this helps! PM me if you want any other info as we appear to be on the same timeline
  12. BillyJo

    What have you done today to get yourself to Aus?

    Hi Jodi....yeah, I know the feeling! It is when you act rather than talk that the stomach starts to lurch! Just got my skills assessment back yesterday after it was submitted late December 2013. All systems go! Now in the middle of completing the State Nomination form. Didn't realise you needed to write a passage on the "Why do you want to go to South Australia and show evidence of how you have researched this"!!!! Now trawling back through websites etc that I can remember to use as evidence?.........This forum will find its glorious, rightful place in the list Also just had to inform my agent that we are expecting another child......so we will see how this impacts on the process. Back to "research" ......................
  13. BillyJo


    I wouldn't sail again either
  14. BillyJo

    Cheap chicken breast anywhere??

    On the loose chicken's chest???? (not sarcy.....just practical

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