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  1. cint&mark

    Wanted Child Booster Seat

    Hiya! How are you!!? Haha last time we spoke was ooh about 5 yrs ago? [hope i've got the right person or this is v embarrassing lol]. It's doubly embarrassing if you have no clue of who I am hehe. Anyway - I've got one you could have for nowt ( if it's the none too fancy but v. portable booster seat only you're after? {no back on it**. It's nothing fancy but yours if you like . Hope life is treating you well Denise and that you're well and truly settled in Oz. Xx
  2. I'd be interested in coming along for sure - whereabouts are you settled in Adelaide? Jacinta x:smile:
  3. cint&mark

    Anyone else's offspring done/doing CampAmerica?

    Hi Diane - I did it when i was nearly 18 and again when i was 20 - mainly because i was sooo scared of everything in life! ( even the thought of getting on the wrong bus would terrify me lol) and I needed to push myself before i started Uni. ( yikes!! 20 yrs ago now!). It was the absolute making of me... such a fabulous and a brilliant experience. I came back ready to take on anything ! The free flight there and back to England was the big pull for me too. Met some amazing people at camp, and travelled around the whole of America (pretty much) on the greyhound buses after camp was over, seeing loads of National Parks and various cities etc. I would have NO hesitation if one of my kids wanted to do it when they were older. Hope this helps! Jacinta x
  4. cint&mark

    help a desperate family.

    Do you want me to? You completely sound like one. At a time like this - shame on you for being so judgemental.
  5. cint&mark

    Netball tonight?

    Aww gutted - i would've jumped at this but OH is only back from work about 9pm and i've got the 4 littlies to put to bed - Hope you find someone! Jacinta x
  6. cint&mark

    Things to do this Easter?

    Hi Karen - whereabouts in Manch are you from? My hubby is an Oldhamer and we lived there for a couple of years when we got married, before heading out to Adelaide. I don't know whereabouts in Adelaide you are but i remember last year on Easter Sunday we headed down to Glenelg where there was a brill Easter thingie going on - loads for free!!! [pet corner, splodge Easter craft-type stuff to do , Free games ,choccy eggs, face painting and sack races etc etc] - might be worth a look - i'm presuming it's on every Easter but don't quote me on that!! Hope you 're settling well into Adelaide life anyway , as i see you've pretty much just arrived! Jacinta x
  7. cint&mark

    Playgroup in Aberfoyle Park

    Hi Ischa - I've PM 'ed you! Jacinta
  8. cint&mark

    Leaving London in 3 weeks and 6 days!

    Aww what a brill post! Everything you are feeling has got to be entirely normal with such an upheaval! I had all your worries / doubts too and [to keep your head in a totally positive and forward thinking position with such little time to go {yey! Exciting!!** gotta tell you from my perspective that it was the single most brilliant move me and my hubby ever made! Of course it's hard /stressful/lonely[at times] and a massive change at first , but you sound like a totally intelligent lady and have thought it all through. Having parents to childmind [lucky you!!!] is the one thing i miss out here lol. It's great you'll have extended family here and i'm sure you'll build up a friendship network really quickly. Sincerely all the best - you won't look back to the smog... i'm sure! Good Luck, Jacinta x x
  9. cint&mark

    Seaford Toddlers and play groups

    Hiya and welcome!! I've just started going to a mon morning playgp at seaford/moana neighbourhood centre - just next to moana primary school - 9.15 to 11am . Lots of English and a gorgeous scottish lady who goes there too - it's a really lovely one with indoor and outdoor play areas. Maybe see you there sometime! I'm on the lookout for something to do with my boys each morn now so if i find any other ones i'll let you know! Jacinta x
  10. cint&mark

    *** Free Furniture and stuff *** Glenelg East

    I swear - you need to post on here at least once a week ... you'd rid the nation of the need for happy pills...
  11. cint&mark

    Removal Company - a big thank you

    Yeah - we used them too - got cheapest quote from them as well - did ok by us !! x
  12. cint&mark

    beach safety, fun , fitness and socialising

    Oh Ok great thanks. One more thing if you don't mind[!] - two of my kids are decent swimmers but the youngest is only just 5 and not very water confident. Would it matter that he can't swim yet? Thanks, Jacinta
  13. cint&mark

    beach safety, fun , fitness and socialising

    Hi wildchild - i just checked out the website for southport slsc to see about prices etc and i noticed that they were saying that no more enrolments for the nippers would be taking place this yr as they were so full... is this notice outdated do you know? I've got three eager kiddies who would love to join a ls club this summer.... Thanks, Jacinta
  14. cint&mark

    Carry On For Sophie

    Libby, Bob and Emily - I am so very very sorry for your loss. I can remember Sophie so clearly on 'new life down under' - your family's appearance on that programme is etched in my mind , as it aired just as my family were going through the whole emigration process. Sophie seemed such a beautiful and sensitive soul . You are all in my thoughts and prayers at this awful time x x x
  15. cint&mark

    Leaving PIA


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