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    Information meetings

    I can't help with the situation to-day, but when I first arrived in Adelaide in 1960, I wasn't aware of any state government advice sessions for new arrivals. However, in those days Adelaide had a population of only about 500,000, and with so migrants coming especially by ship, the task would have been enormous. I came by myself, but fortunately could stay with a sister for a while before renting a room in a shared house in Prospect, and then renting a flat on the Anzac Highway. Many families were put in hostels which was a practical help, though these days I can't imagine anyone accepting accommodation in Nissan huts. We felt like true pioneers in such a far distant country, just two big metal sheds at Outer Harbour to greet and process us, the whole area could well have been at the end of the earth!
  2. victoriasquare

    SA miss out on Infrastructure spending

    Has the SA Government put forward any new projects to Canberra as needing funding? Local pollies need to be assertive as I'm sure they are in other states. Cap in hand and waiting for handouts is not a good image.
  3. victoriasquare

    UK election 8th June

    No, it depends on your circumstances. If you needed to rely entirely on a UK pension then you would receive a higher payment, and this would qualify for increases. Mine stays low because I draw the Aussie one (well much of it), and my UK pension is only a matter of pence, not pounds.
  4. victoriasquare

    UK election 8th June

    I never voted in UK elections once I emigrated to Australia, I didn't believe it would be appropriate when I wasn't living there. To have done so would be the same as voting in a particular local council area when I had moved to another council area. Corbyn will promise anything he believes will make him look good to the electorate, but he doesn't stand a chance of winning and carrying out those promises. Frozen pensions have existed for many years through different governments, I'm a victim as well. I've been told that mine can't be increased even now I'm back in the UK, it isn't enough to increase on their 2.5% basis! It's a tough old world.
  5. victoriasquare

    Safety in Adelaide

    Woj . . . stupidity or bravery is what people put to me when I returned to England 5 years ago after 50 years in Oz. I've come to the conclusion that leaving Adelaide was an act of gross stupidity! snifter gave you a good response, and I would add that Adelaide is a lovely place to live, and is certainly big enough for you to find work.
  6. victoriasquare

    Safety in Adelaide

    This might help showing crime areas in different Australian cities. http://www.roymorgan.com/findings/7080-suburb-residents-rate-crime-australia-september-2016-201612070934
  7. victoriasquare

    General advice

    Visiting Adelaide is a good idea, research online doesn't show what it is like to be there personally. I don't know where you live in the UK, but I can guarantee that Adelaide and its surroundings will be so different to experience, you will be amazed. As for asthma inhalers, I've not needed to use mine in Adelaide, but England is a different kettle of fish with its damper climate.
  8. victoriasquare

    Horses more deadly than snakes in Australia, data shows

    Certainly statistics to make you think. However I would still rather pat a horse than touch a spider!
  9. victoriasquare

    2017 is just around the corner

    Although I lived in Australia for 50 years I still used to regard England as home, but now that I am back here, I realise that Adelaide was truly my home. I've just been watching "Wanted Down Under Revisited" on TV and I'm in tears. Yesterday at the pharmacy I mentioned that I would like to be back in Adelaide for some warmth, and another pharmacist I hadn't seen before called out "Is that Adelaide Australia?" She is from Perth and is only here under sufferance because her boyfriend is English.
  10. victoriasquare

    Christmas day set to be a hot one

    Ice cream pudding or pavlova sounds a lot better than the traditional heavy Christmas pudding. Coupled with a salad on a hot day it couldn't be better.
  11. victoriasquare

    South Australia makes Lonely Planets top 10

    I was pleased to see this, generally people in the eastern states believe there is nothing worth visiting west of Ballarat.
  12. victoriasquare

    Royal Adelaide Show time again :)

    I think I've been three times, but much better when the show bags were regarded as samples and free!
  13. victoriasquare

    Considering Adelaide move in March 2017

    Hello Gloscouple, i agree with NicF that it would be helpful to know where your job opportunity is located. Adelaide is more spacious than UK cities, so the distance north, south, east or west is worth knowing for anyone to help you. The wide roads especially would be one of your biggest surprises if you move to Adelaide to live, they are totally different from the UK. The following website will give you some information about suburbs up to 10 km from the city centre, but I'm sure that other members of Poms in Adelaide can be helpful with information specific to your needs. http://myboot.com.au/sa/10/suburblist.aspx Your first year will be spent coming to terms with the differences from your life the UK, and learning to accept this as part of your new experiences. Making comparisons with the UK is natural, but if they are not complimentary to Oz, don't do it with someone born in Australia, it will not be appreciated. Don't be insulted by being called a Pom, it is what we are. If you are sports minded join a club or two, and you will find that clubs for Aussie Rules football have good facilities. This brand of football is more spectacular than soccer, and scores can be enormous! I played tennis, badminton and table tennis in clubs within weeks of arriving, they can certainly be helpful meeting people. In fact a table tennis team member introduced me to his family at Hope Valley, and I was amazed to find that I had met his sister's boyfriend 8 years earlier in Devon when he had visited England with a group of other young teenagers! I was a £10 Pom and stayed for my allocated 2 years in Australia and returned to the UK. However within a year I was glad to be back in Adelaide. During my year back in the UK I couldn't find any of the people I had previously known, like me they had all moved on to places unknown. Two and a half years later my parents joined me in Adelaide, as did my eldest sister and her family, also a family friend (another sister and her family were already there), so I'm always curious why the programme "Wanted Down Under" shows a video to its participants where family and friends generally react as if Australia is on the far side of the moon, and they will never see their loved ones again. I travelled back to the UK many times, and if you have the right mindset, the long flight isn't as bad as it appears. Adelaide Airport is easy to go through, and is only about 4 miles from the city near the seaside suburb of West Beach. You descend over the city, and take off over the sea.
  14. victoriasquare

    Newbies from Wales making the big move...lots of ?

    BazandJess . . . as you've already been to Adelaide before, I am sure you will know that in area it is bigger than most UK cities, so although you would like to live near the sea, it might not be practical when working out in the Barossa Valley. Overall quality of life is just as important. I agree with other members that the outer north eastern suburbs would be a good choice to live, this gives you the advantage of being much nearer to your work, visiting the seaside, shopping at the big Tea Tree Plaza if required, and travelling to the city on the fast busway. Have you heard of the latter? Modbury Hospital and other medical services are opposite TTP, so this could also be useful. Further out at Gawler nearer to the Barossa, medical services are more limited, and there is only what you would call a small cottage hospital.
  15. victoriasquare

    Argh ants

    I'm reminded of keeping an eye on a neighbour's house some years ago and watering the garden, and was shocked they'd gone on holiday leaving what would have been a beautiful uncovered chocolate cake on the kitchen table. It was covered in ants, in fact they were everywhere trailing through the house. I threw away the cake and got rid of the ants, but when the neighbours returned they were angry about something (strange people as we already knew), and they never spoke to us again. I'm wondering if they thought we had eaten the cake! Not long later they sold up and left. Hanging out washing on my big Hills Hoist was often a tricky exercise. Unless the concrete was too hot for ants, I needed to hose the area, otherwise I would have to dance up and down and stamp my feet trying to shake them off. That's one of the few advantages coming back to the UK, I can stand anywhere without worrying about ants or giving the Aussie salute because of flies. But I wish spiders would stay away from my windows and doors, I'm not allowed to install insect screens.

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