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  1. I can't help with the situation to-day, but when I first arrived in Adelaide in 1960, I wasn't aware of any state government advice sessions for new arrivals. However, in those days Adelaide had a population of only about 500,000, and with so migrants coming especially by ship, the task would have been enormous. I came by myself, but fortunately could stay with a sister for a while before renting a room in a shared house in Prospect, and then renting a flat on the Anzac Highway. Many families were put in hostels which was a practical help, though these days I can't imagine anyone accepting accommodation in Nissan huts. We felt like true pioneers in such a far distant country, just two big metal sheds at Outer Harbour to greet and process us, the whole area could well have been at the end of the earth!
  2. Has the SA Government put forward any new projects to Canberra as needing funding? Local pollies need to be assertive as I'm sure they are in other states. Cap in hand and waiting for handouts is not a good image.