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Kids car seats. Hire or loan.

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    Guest blindwatchertrev

    Grandkids aged 6 and 5 arriving at the end of March for 4 weeks. Can anyone advise where seats can be hired at a reasonable rates (tried car rental places and they have quoted amounts similar to purchase price). Residing in inner suburbs (Goodwood) but can travel ithin 50 k radius to collect. Thanks for any help given. Regards Trev

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    It might be cheaper to buy a couple of booster seats and use the excisting seatbelts. Below is the new car seat laws due in sometime this year


    The new laws will require children to be appropriately restrained in a motor vehicle in a suitable approved child restraint from birth up to the age of seven.

    Specifically, the new laws will require children –


    • Up to the age of six months to be restrained in a rearward facing child restraint (e.g. infant capsule);
    • From six months until the age of four to be restrained in either a rearward or forward facing child restraint (e.g. child safety seat); and
    • From four years until the age of seven to be restrained in either a forward facing child restraint or booster seat restrained by a correctly adjusted and fastened seatbelt or child safety harness.

    The new laws also deal with the issue of children sitting in the front seat of a vehicle.


    • Children up to four years of age must be restrained in the rear of the vehicle (where the vehicle has two or more rows of seats); and
    • Children aged between four and seven years will not be permitted to sit in the front seat unless all other seating positions are already occupied by children under seven.

    By specifying the type of restraint to be used at different ages and where children must be seated in a vehicle, the new laws will reduce the risk of injury caused by the use of unsuitable restraints for a child’s size.


    It will also provide parents and carers with the advice and clarification they need about what type of restraint provides the best safety benefit for their children.

    Nothing else offers the same level of crash protection for babies and young children as a properly fitted child restraint – it is one investment that parents and carers alike can’t afford not to make.


    Hope this helps



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