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    i came over as a hairdresser and did not need a licence, hough technically you need to swap your city and guilds (or equilavent) over to an australian certificate, my boss never asked me to do this but ive heard of plenty who would. You will not have any trouble getting work here as a hairdresser either!

    i worked in a barbers and found the money and conditions bad but never worked in a hairdressers so it might be better with bonuses etc.

    in my opinion you will be better going private as a good hairdresser is hard to find in Adelaide!!!

    Ive left the business now but good luck with everything!!!


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    Guest Jo&Phil

    I don't believe there is a formal licence though most clients would expect formal qualifications - Certificate III is the general qualification here withe some equivalency to relevant City and Guilds. You can get your 'skills matched' through relevant agency - Welcome to the Skills Recognition Services Website

    There always seem to be lots and lots of hairdressing jobs advertised in the local newspaper and working in a salon would be a good way to meet new people to start with even if you decided to work independantly afterwards.

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    hi can anyone tell us if hairdressers in adelaide need a licence.

    thanks for all your replies very helpful. we applied for our 176 visas back in 2009 and waiting, but we are now going for state sponsorship. left things for the last year as we had our second child last year, so we now have ben aged 2 and luke just turned 1, so fenech household is more setteld,just need to get to aus now, feeling bit more positive again.Just getting bit more info toghether for our agent hope to apply next week.

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