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3 years what a ride....


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Well we have been here just over 3 years and we cannot belive how fast it has gone and how much we seemed to have done.


We landed with 4 kids, a furnished rental for 2 weeks ( guys off here ) no jobs ( interviews lined up ) no car and generally thinkin blimey what do we do from here.


Our furnished rental was in Huntfield Heights it was arranged from on old member from on here, who are now good friends and we regularly see, we then secured a rental in Seaford it was a very nice brick house, cool in the summer but very cold in the winter, the landlord and was a great lady they let us have a dog and cats, unfortunately our cat that we brought over from the UK got run over ( miss you Mr B ) we have since got more cats and now have 3 lol.....we lived in that rental until out house was built....the house was not perfect when we left it but they gave us all our money back from the bond which was ace...and we are now good friends with the landlord.


We had some issued with our new house just little things that they are VERY SLOWLY sorting out but it will get there.


We have had great times and we have had some bad times, the better half needed to go back to the UK for her nephews funeral ( 18 ) which wasnt too good, we have had spells of being out of work, kids in serious trouble, kids hospitalised, me hospitalised,


Then the good times, building and owning our own house, making sone of the best friends you could ever wish for, the sort of guys who are more than happy for you to share your good times with....but more importantly the sort of guys will listen to your troubled times and not judge just be there to help and listen.



I have had more than jobs than i ever had in the UK...Toolmaker, DJ, Roadie, Sales Rep...CNC setter operator am now back toolmaking and loving it except for the travelling....but it pays the bills and puts food on the table.


Kats work has been a biy more stable she is currently South Australias Barista trainer for McDonalds and BP cafes....she loves it.


Biug kids took their time to settle met some quite unruly friends, then moved to melly to work....they were loving it...then came back to Adelaide a couple of weeks ago to start new jobs. they have set sights on working hard for a years or so then off to back pack around Oz, they seem to have settled down really well know and have finally got their head around the work thing.....:biglaugh:.


Little kids have settles into school very well little man loves Moana Primary School, and the daughter is really taken with Willungs High School, she gets lotsa homework but this doesnt seem to bother her.


Life here in Adelaide for us is bloody good, lots to do lots to see and heaps of it doesnt cost anything. our kids are more than happy to go for walks in the hills with the dog, sit on the beach for hours on end, go fishing, catch up with mates for bbqs, dinner.


You still have to work for a living but its what you do outside of work that really matters, its the lifestyle thing....LIFESTYLE thats the keyword to living here, well thats our view anyhows.


Generally we love it here and have for a very very long time, thanks to all our friends we have met on and off PIA, heres to the next 30 years.....


Come with an open mind, and hit the ground running be prepared for some hard i mean bloody hard work, but if you want it bad enough it can be done.


and i think i have covered lotsa stuff and may have rambled on a little more than i should have done....




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Guest Guest75

Congratulations mates!!!!!


I have followed your journey here and it's been epic to say the least.

You've never given up and put a lot of folk to shame with your determination.


You deserve it.:notworthy::notworthy:


Proud to be mates .



Just have to find time to get out fishing now ;)

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Guest Guest5035

You still have to work for a living but its what you do outside of work that really matters, its the lifestyle thing....LIFESTYLE thats the keyword to living here, well thats our view anyhows.HEAPS GOOD !!!


spot on, been saying that for 20 years



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Guest cornish Busdriver

Onya mate and Kat.

Goes to prove even with all the crap life throughs at us we can still achive what we are all after :)

What the fishing like down your way at the mo

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We too celebrated our 3rd year here last week and our stories seem very similar.We have made good friends ,had a few jobs,ups and downs but have settled now.I even reckon we rented of the same bloke on arrival,mmmmmm wonder who?He gave us an insight into what we could achieve here and we are forever grateful.

Great story and glad things are working out so well.

Cheers to you all

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Guest owenker4

What a fab post, especially about having to work hard... Lifestyle is surely what most of us are going for, I am most looking forward to arranging a day out with friends and not having to cancel because of the bloody weather - or even just the simple things like putting your washing on the line and not having to run back out 5 mins later to bring it back in !!!


I am not under any illusions that I will not have to work hard, neither is my OH in fact we have both said we will work harder for the first few years in order to get a new house and our 2 children (7 & 14) settled. But spending time at weekends and in holidays being able to enjoy the beautiful countryside, sunshine and outdoor life is what we have dreamt of for some years now.


Its always great to read a realistic post and I applaud your determination... Good luck for your next 30 years !!!!!

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