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Aussie Passport Photo's


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Hi Everyone,


As some of you will know I am an Aussie living in the UK for the past **!*!*!*! years and we as a family are moving back there next year.


Now I want to get an Aussie passport for my kids and me but have noticed that the Aussie Photo's are a different size for their passport's. Does anyone know where you can get the right size photo's from? Or is it a case of trying to do it yourself? Or going to a professional photographer?


Any advice would be appreciated.



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I just printed out the requirements, and went to a place that took passport photos. There aren't a great number of differences between uk and Aus, I had no probs.


That was in the UK for my 2 middle boys.


For DD's baby passport (got that one here) I just lay her on a white sheet on the floor, took the photo, made sure it fit the size requirements for the print out and did it myself. Was amazed it was fine, so was definitely worth it. But a bit easier just taking it up the road to the post office here - could go home and do it again if a prob! Much easier doing a baby one myself.


I'd say - print out the requirements, go to a photographers that take them for you manually - ie a real person - and print them out while you wait. They really must do it all the time.

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My children have both UK and Australian passports which come up for renewal at the same time. We always went to the local photographic shop (in England) which also took passport photos, showed them the size requirements and they sorted it out for us (only charged £5 too). We never had any problems.

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Our son had his Aussie passport issued over here in the UK and we just went to a camera shop where they take passport pics (with a digital camera so can take as many attempts as needed with small child) and then sent in the pics from that. It didn't matter a jot about size, passport photo size was what was needed. At least we never had a problem using them.


I think they resize the image itself when printing it into the passport.

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Hey Craig,


Just wanted to agree with Sallyh's recommendation to take a copy of the photo requirements with you. That way, they will know exactly what the criteria are.


We had our photos taken in a shop that specialises in passport photos but we still ended up getting one of the photos knocked back cos it didn't quite meet the standard. They took total responsibility, were nice as and didn't charge for their second attempt.



:o LC

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