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    Hi everyone - this is my first post on Poms in Adelaide.


    Me, wife and 2x kids will hopefully be flying out soon having got a state sponsored visa. I also have Cert IV and Diploma of Financial Services (Finance/Mortgage Broking Management) as well as 10+ years experience as a Mortgage Broker in the UK.


    Does anyone have any tips on the best way to try to start job hunting from the UK? Is it even feasible? I have skype, etc for communication from UK.


    Basically, we're just waiting to sell the house and then we'll be off. Might even consider renting our house out if we can make the figures work and have a decent chance of finding employment reasonably quickly.


    Would really appreciate any help on this...


    Cheers, Tim

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    Hi Tim


    I registered with and from the UK and uploaded my resume to these sites with an accompaning cover letter.


    This resulted in a number of employers emailing me to arrange telephone interviews and also promises of interviews upon my arrival. This really works, as I had a choice of 3 employers once I arrived.


    Good luck.

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