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transit of venus , was there ?


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Well, I hope any of you in Oz interested in astrophysics ( god that makes me sound more intelligent than I actually am !!) had better luck with viewing the transit of venus than I did here in cloudy Bedfordshire at 5.30 this morning.

What a waste of googling how to , and actually making my pinhole projector that was !!

Didn't even bother putting the pinhole in it after looking out of the window :rolleyes:

All booked up now to see the solar eclipse in Cairns in November, let's hope the weather doesn't ruin that one !


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Guest ladyarkles

I went to the Festival Plaza and got to see it through some of the telescopes set up by the Astronomical Society of South Australia.

People were queuing to get a view, it was so encouraging to see so many people curious/interested enough to make the effort.

It was a real mix of ages and walks of life, too.


I had a marvelous time, all it cost me was my tram fare (there and back for $1.69 - multi-trip and two hour return window thing)


Sorry you missed it.

Next stop, the solar eclipse!


~ Rach xx


PS the ASSA have events and a society to join if you are interested. They looked like a pretty nice group of people.






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Guest ladyarkles

The other little back dots were solar flares.

There is always a lot of magnetic activity on the sun and the solar flares were busy, busy, busy.


Here is some Nasa footage (we saw it upside down because of our position on the earth)


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It was great!! THe cloud cover was problematic but we had a good go with my son's telescope (used it backwards) and I got this photo on the ABC website!http://www.abc.net.au/news/2012-06-07/boy-shows-girl-transit-of-venus/4057360


Actually have some of the transit if anyone wants to see them too!!! :D

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