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Guest DaveF

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Guest DaveF

As this is "the barbie" forum, what better place to talk cars...

I'll be arriving in less than 3 weeks and the first job on my list is to buy a used car. I've not lived in Australia since 1999 and a lot has changed in the car market there and in my requirements since then. I'll be looking for a car costing up to $15,000 (though that would be a stretch, would prefer more like $12,000). We're a family of 2 adults and 2 kids (7 and 11). I want the kids to be comfortable in the back with rear aircon vents for the summer heat. Also looking for reliability and low service costs. Not concerned about the make or prestige of the car.

Would obviously prefer low kms and age.

I've been looking on carsales.com.au, but all the models seem so unfamiliar, I'm having trouble narrowing it down.

Any suggestions or advice from other recent arrivals who are more used to Vauxhalls than Holdens?

Or should I just do the obvious thing and buy a Falcon or Commodore?

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Thats not a bad budget for your first car, I bought a really cheap 'throw away' car myself. Difficult to advise on vehicles as its a personal thing. Try to buy from an established dealer, many smaller car yards can be dodgy Del Boy types, I've heard a couple of horror stories. It'll be a lot easier when you get here and try before you buy. You haven't really mentioned 'car type', if I had $12-15k and wanted something good on fuel, medium sized engine, easy to park, you could do a lot worse than a ford focus, $12k will get you a 2008 easy. If you want something a touch bigger, a Commodore VE would be a good bet, very comfy easy to drive car, but fuel will cost more, you should get 2006/07 for $12k. Have read bad write ups on falcons in same age brackets, its supposed to be a bit of a pig, but I''ve not owned one.

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