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Cable TV?

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I've not experience Austar so hard to compare really. I'd do a fair bit of research before committing though. Some of the stuff shown is old.

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It's a bit of a mute point anyway. Foxtel are in the final stages of buying Austar, so there will be little or no competition for them.


But I must say that I find Foxtel's sports coverage to be ace. Particularly for soccer, football, cricket etc..., and the on demand service shows all the latest films, and usually on the day they are released on dvd.



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We have Foxtel and its great for sport. Even get 8 free dedicated channels for the Olympics too - Athletics, gymnastics, swimming, water sports, round-ups .............



Well, you'll get any races that feature an Australian competitor anyway! We came over here during the 2004 Olympics and were devastated when we realised that England weren't winning ANYTHING! "We used to do quite well in the rowing" I said sadly... but in all the rowing races shown, England didn't even get a sniff at a medal. And on the news, you'd hear "Australia got bronze medal in such-and-such event" and we'd be waiting to hear who got Silver and Gold...but no, onto the next news story.


Foxtel is ok for most sports - great coverage of the Wales Australia rugby yesterday, and the All Blacks Ireland game too... but not a lot about the England South Africa game that was played.. I might have just been unlucky though and turned off at the wrong time! Also, Foxtel don't have coverage rights for Euro 12 - you need Setanta for that :sad:..


On the plus side, SBS (which is a free to air channel) have excellent Tour de France coverage, and are showing an early evening round up programme of Euro 12 highlights :biggrin:

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Yes but Diane you are in Australia not England why would the Aussies be bothered about how the POMS are doing?


As you probably know Sky cover most things but with a bias towards England which I would expect. Even the reruns of Ashes Greatest moments are all about England.

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Thank you everyone:smile: So Foxtel is the 'Sky' of Australia. Good! I would love to be able to follow EPL, La Liga and Calcio:wink: Maybe NBA, MLB and NFL as well if they cover them and of course boxing:biggrin:


Movies and comedies are the other thing I'll be looking at and maybe a bit of news from the BBC and CNN (but not too much!):biglaugh:


But Diane, what is Sentanta? :smile:



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