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House Sold In UK & House Purchased In Hallet Cove.... YIPPPEEEEEE !!

R & H

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Hi All


Just had an amazing week, my sister has decided to buy our house in the UK and she is letting us stay in it until the day we fly out to Oz. In addition she has decided to buy any furniture that we don't want to take with us, this enables us to ship out the furniture we want to take two months before fly out in September. As we plan to leave a lot of furniture behind, we will still be able to live almost 'normally' without too much discomfort; how lucky are we? In addition we also found out that our offer on a beautiful house we wanted to buy in Hallet Cove has been accepted, which means we will have an address / final destination in a beautiful part of South Australia before we leave (another Yipppeee I think!). Now hopefully we wont have to wait too long for the container of belongings etc. to arrive after we get there. You will all understand the pressure this takes off of us...... now we can focus on all the other things we have to get done without having to keep the house spotless 'just in case' there is a viewing (you've all either been there or in that situation now). Leave work 31st July (God willing), Farewell Party 1st September, Our Two Dogs Fly out 3rd September and we fly out 6th September :smile:


R & H

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Cool news! It's great when plans come together....I have been continually amazed at just how much good fortune we have had that's brought us to the point of being a mere 3 weeks away from living in Australia. For us (as we don't know where to settle in Adelaide yet), the best bit has been securing 10 weeks worth of house sitting over there - pretty much free, home from home accommodation whilst we work out what we are doing.


Good luck with the rest of the move!

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