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6 months ago today!

Guest pixie7

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Guest pixie7

So inspired by the bacons 6 months update heres ours-


Arrived 10th January, had 2 weeks rental accommodation booked, first 2 weeks were hectic, hot and fun! Got medicare, ambo cover, tfn number etc and OH went and registered with a few agencies. We also found a long term rental and moved in.


Over the next months we got a job each :) most of the house stuff (gradually) and a car.


Since then OH has got a better job (in terms of enjoyment and $$) and I'm still at the same place (happy).


Life has settled a bit and its good :)


We have virtually everything we need for the house and are enjoying exploring at the weekends.


Cant believe 6 months has gone by but this feels like our home and I have no urge to go home and Ive had no homesickness- don't get me wrong I miss my family and want them here and Ive had moments were I realise I'm missing out on family stuff and wish I was nearer to be there for someone etc but I don't actually want to go home. Skype has been amazing for us and we use it often either to phone home for a chat or to actually see people which I think is brilliant and does make a huge difference.

We have had tough times- especially at the beginning, the uncertainty of signing for a 12 month rental whilst neither of us were employed, the first job OH had was a contract- it was extended but we didn't know for a while week to week what money would be coming in. We lived off savings and didn't go mad- we rented small and bought the basics until we felt more financially secure to buy more- that worked for us, taking our time little by little building up as we go.

The weather, the beaches, the hills and the sunsets are amazing, the people are friendly the city is lovely, the pozzies are fun and welcoming. Unexpected things like having to buy duck down winter duvet and heaters for the house (!) have not even dampened our spirits!


I second the Bacons we did lots of research and lived within our means and also got lucky (someone on here helped OH with a his dream job and we will be forever grateful for that help and advice and friendship- its made a huge difference- thanks Y :)


So all the stress and heart ache and guilt and panic were worth it for us, we feel settled, happy and content (just want it a bit warmer at night.. or someone to educate the Ozzies on insulation in houses lol!)

I hope this helps someone just about to make the move, good luck to all, life it what you make of it... and a bit of luck on top :) xx

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Guest alexandgail

Fantastic to read about such a positive experience! Helen i notice that you are a teacher and was wondering if that's what you are doing over there? If so how did you find it getting work? My husband Alex (secondary science/biology/chemistry) and me Gail (primary teacher) are at early stages of the move and one concern is jobs!

Hopefully things keep going well for you :) any advice much appreciated x

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Yes, Pixie7, a great positive post and we can second that. I have just realised that we have been here 8 months. We seem to have done a lot in a short space of time - and spent a lot! It has all been worth it though. My husband is working, I've just started up in business again and the kids are happy and settled in their school. We have had some emotional ups and downs, but have never looked back. We have been thankful for all the information available on here and all the friendly support from literally most of the people we have bumped into.


Here's to the next few years and then citizenship ;)

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Glad people are also settling in well. We tend to always hear the not so positive story's and it's good to post if you have a positive start so people just coming over get to see its not all doom and gloom. Yes hard work and you always as with everything in life need a slice of luck but with a positive attitude you set yourself up. Here's to the next 6 months.

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What a lovely post, Pixie! Sounds like you have settled in beautifully! I totally share your sentiments about family - you hit the nail right on the head for me....no homesickness but have moments when you just wish they were here! And also the cold winter nights in the house!!! Brrrr......I love my big fluffy dressing gown more than ever! Can't wait for the summer! But we love it here!!!


I hope it continues to go well for you and thank you for sharing!


Lyn x

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