11 a-side Football?

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    Hubby is looking to play footy on either a Sat or Sunday league.


    He is 33 so would not be able to quite play in the over 35's!


    Moving to Clovelly Park soon so any teams within reasonable distance to there would be good.




    Lisa :o)

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    I am in the same position as your hubby and stay close to Cloverly Park.


    I havent managed to find a close close by, but to tell you the truth, i have really looked too hard.


    Let me know if you manage to find anything.




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    Guest dandaman


    After a while of searching found a really useful forum that has loads of info on SA football teams - http://www.footballnews.com.au/forum

    loads of posts on there in the amateur league section, including over 35s teams and pre season training schedules for many different clubs plus plenty of local banter!

    I'm training at my closest club - sturt Marion thunder - based at sturt oval near Marion shopping centre - not far from Pasadena or cloverly park. 3 teams - As, Bs and Cs and think there is an affiliated over 35s team but not sure of their name. Good bunch of lads of Mixed abilities and ages but suggest you check out the website link above and see what suits.

    hope this helps. Cheers dan.

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