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Rental market seasonality ?

Guest Flo

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I will be moving to Adelaide in late September and started thinking about housing. My employer will cover some temporary housing (might be able to stretch it up to 3 month, so pretty much until Christmas, and then will be gone until some time in January) and I wanted to ask whether there is a strong seasonality to the rental market, i.e. will there be a big difference between what is offered before Christmas (Nov/Dec) and after New Year (Jan) ?

Also since I am on my own I am mostly interested in 2 bedroom / 400$ a week and locationwise close to the University of Adelaide, so CBD / North Adelaide / Norwood(?)


The reason I am asking is that my current town has a strong pattern based on the University schedule, so wanted to make sure that I am not missing something like that.

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Guest pizzicarella

There are definitely some fluctuations in when properties come up onto the market for rental - but it is not really to do with university (Unless of course you are looking at student accomodation... but who would want to live in a shoe box!?). The property market in general is pretty good right up until Christmas when everything just dies off for a month :P. It seems that people either want to get in by christmas, then theres a few weeks of nothing. Then people want to get in by the time school starts. You should be able to find accommodation from september onwards.


There generally isn't much available in the city cheaply ;). Although there are decent enough places in the south end of the city that are a bit cheaper.


All of the places that you listed are pretty expensive - but if all you want is a unit or townhouse you will get a decent place for 400 a week.

http://www.realestate.com.au/rent/between-0-400-in-norwood/list-1?preferredState=sa here is what is available now - so you can see what you can get for that price. (There is even a town house on the street I grew up on :3). As a note for norwood - don't bother looking at places on Portrush Road. They are cheap for a reason.... who wants freight trucks going past in the middle of the night, or trucks with stinky live animals dropping suspect liquids in your gutter?

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Agree with pizzicarella, especially the bit about Portrush road. There are some nice looking properties on Portrush road but it is a very busy road that get's lots of trucks and buses going down it. Most places close to the CBD are worth considering, although for Adelaide Uni you would be better on the north or eastern side for a shorter commute. You could even consider going a bit further out towards Magil. If you stayed within walking distance of Magil Road (especially the bit after Portrush Road) there are loads of buses that run regular down there.

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great, thanks everyone for your answers. I guess I will try to search and find something for December so I will be all settled and moved in before the holiday vacation.

I had started looking at the beginning of the year and had noticed that there was an uptick in interesting places in the recent months so had wondered whether that's a regular pattern or just random fluctations.


Will probably start reading the transport section threads next...



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