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Building Inspection Company Recommendations?


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Hope you entered the contract subject to survey.


Not all Aussies are used to this, we entered a contract with this stated clearly. We were not happy with the survey but the owners still tried to take our deposit! We had to pay for a solicitor to write to them, they seemed to think that if they were happy with the survey it should still proceed!

We got our cash back in the end, but really!

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Contract law generally works on the principle of buyer beware hence why people engage a surveyor to provide so called expert opinion on the property you are about to purchase. The surveyor always works for the purchaser and Rammygirl is correct, some sellers do not like surveyors snooping around being critical of their property.


I am a chartered building professional and find many surveyors reports laughable being overly pessimistic and protecting themselves more than providing a useful subjective and independent report. My advice, get a short report from a surveyor if required but also have a builder look over the property and discuss the impacts of any defects including how much they will cost to correct. This gives you the basis of a firm offer ie asking price less cost of corrective work = offer price.


​Regards. S

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We used this company recently and to be quite honest it was a complete waste of money. I have been in the building trade 30 years and this report was very very basic with only a few lines out of the report actually relating to the house I bought. He said all fences were satisfactory when the fence at the rear of the property was leaning at a 45 degree angle. Obviously hadn't looked. Make your own mind up!!


We used Adelaide Building & Property Inspections, Mobile: 0412 391 663

E-mail: info@abpinspections.com.au


Very reasonable, a lovely chap, we were very pleased with him.

Good luck



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Edited one line of text for legal reasons. Please PM member if you wish to ask more information.
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