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What is needed to start up a handyman business

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    My hubby and a friend are trying to start up a handyman business but we are not sure what we need. I know we need liabity insurance but do we need licences. His mate has a Ann number but do they both need one? Or do they need a new one for the business? Any advice wowould be great fully received thanks

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    To work as handyman you need Public liability insurance a Building contractors licence and an ABN . If its a partnership both partners need to hold a builders licence I see your husband is a plumber. He will still need to get a builders licence to be self employed. To gain a builders licence they will need to sit a course it can be done a couple of ways at night school or over 2 weekends . Tafe Master builders and Hia do the courses not sure how much it is now would think you would not get much change out of $1000. Once you do the course do the take home test and pass you can apply to Ocba for a licence. They will arrange a date to go and have a talk ask some questions find out what you know and decide what they will give you a licence for. They will then send out your licence once you have paid the fee which is $190 a year. It can take a while to get your licence.

    Most places like estate agents etc will ask for a copy of your insurance and licence also if you give them a invoice without an ABN on it they can hold back a large sum of the payment till you produce a valid ABN .

    If caught working without a licence its a fine of up to $20,000.They have recently lunched dob in a tradie day in which if you know of someone working without a licence you can call in and report them and they will follow it up they had the last one last week.

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