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How much money for a two week reccie

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Can anyone give any guidance. We are a family of three going to Adelaide in august for two weeks. We are staying in an apartment so can make most of our meals, also neither f us are drinkers. Just wandered how much money would be sufficient for the time.


I know no one can give me an exact answer just wanted a rough guide. We intend to do some tourist things as well as the reccie part.



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We just got back in April from our reccie and we spent approximate £2k. We did a lot of touristy stuff and had lunch out a lot, but didn't really eat out in evenings.


To be honest, I didn't find it as expensive as I'd anticipated.


Thanks that's what I was thinking. Thanks for replying. Did you have a great time


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Think we managed to spend $3000 on a months reccie last year, there were me and hubby, an 11yr old, 8 year old and a 3 month old. We rented a car and so some of this was used for petrol aswell. I took advise from others and looked into zoo prices, etc etc things your family are planning on doing and totted that up. We didnt go out for evening meals either but did visit Maccy Ds quite a few times with having the kids as it was cheap and quick. We should have taken more really and scrimped towards the end of our reccie, lived on bloody sausages haha but we loved it and in fact that was all part of the fun thinking what we were taking to stick on the barbie when we got to the park :) Id advise having a backup that you dont touch unless you get stuck just incase, even just a creditcard with a small amount on it or a travel-visa card. Id say that amounts about right though. Enjoy xxxx

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