RSMS 119 visa now employer wants to change contract and hours etc for same pay

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    Hi we have a RSMS 119 visa have just activated it with the intention of going back later this year to live. To cut a verryyyyy long story short, the employer is now saying that he wants my partner to work for 6 days a week in a different location (different location we can deal with) for the same amount of money. Weve come home, and to be quite honest weve had problem after problem one minute he will be working way down south then up north then in the hills, now apparently they are sure where we will be based but the work is now 6 days a week for the same amount of money. I have emailed and said can you please confirm as the contracts that we signed and were accepted by the DIAC were for a 38 hour a week with 2 days off.


    Im working the hours out guesstimating that its going to be more like 46 - 48 hours, and the pay is not good already even if we were on a 38 hour contract. This employer takes weeks, (very often never responds at all) to email us (hardly ever responds to phone calls). I know someone who worked for him and she said hes taking advantage as no one in his company works the hours he expects us to do ( i know many people work longer hours its the principal hes increasing the hours and days but the pay stays the same) . We are hard workers and dont mind working longer hours, but wouldnt mind being paid extra to do this. Question is how do i deal with this? Do i go to the DIAC through an immigration agent and say how he has been or suck it up...We love our profession and south australia and hope to stay in SA but where do we draw the line for an employer and how we get treated???

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    Oh yes i forgot to add, due to the uncertainty of this employer always changing his mind and never responding weve delayed emmigrating its cost a fortune but we really dont want to make a mistake. Would they allow us to work for another employer in SA in the same profession if he continued like this?

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