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Booking flights with online agents


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Looking at return flights to the UK for later this year and there's so many online booking agents such as Skiddo, Zuji etc...etc.. Are there any that should be avoided? Previously any flights i have booked have been direct with the airline, but so many search engines for flights these days with different agents, no idea whats good or bad!




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If you read Tripadvisor Air travel forum, there are always problems there with flights booked through on line booking agents.

Some are because the price advertised is not the price charged in the end.

I travel overseas a few times most years, and usually use a site like Webjet to find out what is available, and then book directly with the airline. If there is then any problem, and there have been a few over the years, I can resolve it directly with the airline rather than trying to contact a third party. I used to use Bestflights for information, but that does not exist anymore.

This year I booked with Emirates through the Qantas site and got a (I think) really good deal. I

do subscribe to all the major airlines that fly in and out of Adelaide, so that I get notifications of their sales as well.

I notice Cathay seems to have some specials at the moment, as do Emirates, but it depends on when you want to go.

I do get very put out that it is so much cheaper to fly from UK to Adelaide, than for us going in the opposite direction

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I am similar to Cliffy, but never had any problems with on-line agents, though I mainly used Best Flights which is now 'Helloworld' whom I have yet to use but cannot get the same info from their site as I did with Best Flights. Like cliffy I check out the deals and then sometimes book direct with airline, the only real drama I had this way was with virgin across to Los Angeles and then a few days later onto London, Virgin Australia & Virgin atlantic did not have intergrated systems, so trying to pre check-in and at the automated airport check-in it did not recognize my booking number.


So go with whatever you feel comfortable as hiccups will occur some times with both methods of ticket purchase.

Pleasant journey's

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