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Teacher registration from the uk?


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Can anyone advise me on teacher registration for SA. In particular if you can actually register from the uk or have to wait until you are there (the mandatory training for example - does it have to be done as part of the application or can you apply for everything else and then do it once there). I am a little confused!


We (my husband and I are both teachers) want to work as soon as possible one there (relief teaching initially unless we can secure a job) so would like to register from here if possible. Any advice?

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I don't think you can. You have to complete the child protection and first aid courses locally.


have you completes skills assessments? My wife is having to do another years training as well, because despite having taught for nearly ten years in the uk, at the time she qualified the teaching degree was three years and the rules here demand a four year degree.

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Thanks guspjmh. I have skills assessment so that shouldn't be a problem. Visa already sorted. Just want to be able to start putting cv out to schools ASAP (hope to move out there August) but seems you can't unless you have registration and that seems to be only possible once in the country. I am just hoping I am wrong and there is a way around this!

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Yep - my husband and I are teachers - you can only register with TRB once you have the mandatory training. There is a separate skills assessment for the TRB from the visa.


Before you arrive you can get skills assessed, police certificate (ICPC) - we did this and then my husband did first aid and mandatory training in first few days as booked before we got here. First aid is needed to DECD registration to work in state schools and catholic schools too.


What do you teach? Feel free to PM me I you need any other help - there's another thread on here too and another member called adelaide_bound has a really good blog.

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Thanks both of you. Bubbi that's helpful - so to clarify we can apply for the skills assessment bit and police cert (is this the same one as I have for the visa do you know?) from here and book on the training. OCD training is complete how long does it take - do you know?


I teach dance and drama and my husband is senior leadership (both secondary). I am under no illusion that we will secure permanent positions straight away but just want to be able to get some supply as soon as we can (we have 2 kids so would like to get money coming in ASAP to help keep things as secure as possible for them!). What do you both teach? Did you manage to secure jobs/supply pretty quickly?


Does anyone know if we can apply for jobs in teaching before having the registration or can we not even do that?



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Police cert is different one - google ICPC (international child protection cert) - when you get here and register there is another oz police check but that's part o the process. Mandatory training is one day and first aid is one day or for the first aid you can do the theory online and do a practical for a couple of hours I think.


After we did the courses we got our TRB registration after two week - they quote three weeks so maybe just dependent on how many going through. At this point you can only work in private schools and catholic ones if you have done first aid by this point - you don't need first aid for TRB reg.


You then need to register with decd for state school and you need first aid very for this - again this registration is quoted to take three weeks but I haven't done that yet as I'm waiting to do first aid course!


My husband got a year contract within three weeks at a great school and was offered interviews at the other three he applied to but already got this job. We both applied before we arrived but there's no chance without the registration as there are people here registered and ready to start wanting jobs so I'd email schools your cv and say you are coming but in my experience no point in applying for jobs until you get here. My husband has been very lucky but he teaches maths and I think that's why. I teach science - I will let you know about relief work (TRT) when I start and how long DECD registration took.


Sorry about the ramble! :)

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