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Guest sushma

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Guest sushma

hello everyone,

we have a 3 year old boy who has just started his childcare.we are living in eastern suburb right now...wantedd to know about the best primary schools in adelaide.and is it better to start in a public or private school??thanks


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What suburb are you in and how far are you prepared to travel?


TBH I don't see the point of going private for primary if you are in an area with good state primary schools. Many of the eastern suburbs have highly regarded state primary schools.


You can use this to find primary schools and compare, although don't read too much into the scores as many don't really put much into those and having toured a fair few schools, I rate some of the lower scoring ones above the higher ranked ones, from a parental perspective. End of the day, its test results, doesn't cover the overall education and feel of a school etc. Its a guide and just because a school doesn't have 90% or some such doesn't mean its failing or a poor school. Go see them for yourself nearer the time and see what you think of them.




FWIW, this school seems to get good feedback from parents and others I've spoken to.




These state primary schools in the eastern suburbs are all zoned (not all primary ones are, usually the ones with a high demand for places)




If you live in one of the zones, look to those schools first for your child I reckon.

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My daughter turns 4 in July, but only starts school in 2016.


We decided to send her to one of the state primary schools closest to us, which are Flagstaff, Craigburn or Aberfoyle Primary.


We figure that if we are going to spend money for her education, it would be better spent on a good high school.


We also like the idea of her going to school nearby our home as im sure most of the kids she will go to school with will also live nearby.

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Guest niajp

AS you are living in eastern suburbs, you already have access to some of the best public schools in SA. Linden Park Primary, Sterling Primary are among the best but beware they are zoned so make sure you live in their catchment areas before you apply.

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