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Mobile phones and internet!


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Both hated topics to me being bit of a technical novice, I use both but for simple purposes only ie a phone is to phone somebody and internet is for trawling forums, selling stuff at the moment etc. Anyway, is it work buying IPhones over here in UK which are unlocked and use them on pay as you go in Aus, would they even work and would it work out cheaper? Internet, previously when in Aus we have simply purchased fixed data sim's for IPad however when we get longer term rental we will hook up to internet in a deal, are these fixed term?


What I'm trying to avoid is long term contracts especially with the mobiles as always had company phones or used my wife's.


Thanks S

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Price them up to buy outright and see what you think when comparing Aus and UK prices. It's a big outlay. I own my iPhone and found a great deal for a contract once we arrived. PAYG is ok but I prefer a contract with lots of free talk time and texts.

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We had our I phones from the UK bought outright. Now have month by month contracts in Oz as better deal that PAYG and no tie in. We bought a mobile wi fi device and used that until we got long term rental.


you do need internet to search for rentals, jobs etc. and our short term let didn't have it, but some do. also depends where you are as to service.


Do check out rentals though, we nearly signed for a new build rental until we found out we could not get broadband as there were no free ports available on the exchange!

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I'd recommend either bringing a phone with you or buying one here and then getting one of the sim only deals once you're here. I'd suggest not buying one and bringing one over as you don't know whether it will have issues that you won't be able to get fixed but if you already own one and are happy with it then that's ok.


Online shops here like Kogan and Mobicity sell grey import phones for a lot less than regular Aussie stock however your warranty would be with them rather than, say HTC or Samsung. A new Samsung S4 mini sells for $299 at Kogan for example so even without the genuine Samsung warranty that's pretty tempting.


As for sim only deals - have a look at the Aussie mobile companies and see what's what. If you're in a city and don't go past the suburbs that often any company should do ok. If you go a fair way out then Telstra is the only one that gives good coverage.

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