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Registered Nurses and Enrolled Nurses in Australia????? The difference between them??

Guest Kathy123

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Guest Kathy123

Hi there,


I would love to come out to Australia for around a year to work as a nurse. I live and was born in the UK. I am a registered nurse (adult branch) working full time for the NHS in the community/district nursing. I would be looking to come out in October 2014, and by this date would have been qualified for 2 years.


I have an Advanced Diploma in Adult Nursing (which is just below a Bachelor of Honours degree). I am aware there are registered nurses and enrolled nurses over there in Australia. Does anyone know what the difference is between these roles? Could I work as a registered nurse in australia? For those wanting to further their career, is there developmental courses/programmes available for nurses?


Hope someone can help...all advice appreciated, thanks!

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Hi Kathy123,


You would be a RN - registered nurse in Australia. Just briefly about the classifications. It goes assistant nurse, enrolled nurse, registered nurse and so on.

Enrolled nurses have been to college/university for 1.5 years for their enrolled nursing qualification. If they wish to become an RN, they will attend university again to gain their RN qualification.


Best way to work here for a year as a nurse is (in my opinion): Apply to AHPRA, basically AHPRA is the equivalent to NMC. Howde has posted a link above.


Once you get the paper work/email from AHPRA (few weeks or months) then you can apply for a working holiday visa (if under 30) as kindly pointed out by Blossom. http://www.immi.gov.au/visitors/working-holiday/


Good luck :biggrin:

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Guest fredponting

Hi Kathy,


Sound advice from Mikeh, both myself and my wife are MH Nurses and have been here for 11 months, the other way to approach this is to seek advice from an agency, such as HealthcareAustralia, they can help with some of the rudimentals and help with employment on arrival etc. They were a great help to us (we are on a PR Visa) and can achieve shifts easily for whatever hours you're looking to work.


Any other advice needed just drop me or my wife a line (BenOli on here) and we'll try and help out



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