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  1. KennyKen

    No More 457 visas

    Hi W Russell. I have also heard that they will increase the 1 year as permanent resident to 4 years. Now does that affect people like me that have been on a Provisional 489 for two years and 1 year as a perm resident? Was looking to apply for citizenship next year but all this news has left me asking more questions. Any advice would be appreciated
  2. KennyKen

    Port Pirie anyone?

    That wouldn't be for Robin Johnson Enginerring at the lead smelter would it?
  3. KennyKen

    887 Visa - What's the update?

    Don't want to come across as rude people. But if English is a secondary language and your applying for 887 Visa. You have to make sure the secondary applicant or Child over the age of 18 has provided a functional English Evaluation. Send this with your main application file... The amount of posts I've read with CO's being allocated is primarily due to this reason. Just a heads up. Good luck.
  4. Exactly What I done. Moved East and Never looked back. For some reason this post came up in my email feed. I've posted many posts on how I feel about the place I'm not going to waste time doing that again... People say the grass is not always greener. Oh how wrong was they. To each and there own. I respect people's perceptions are different. Good luck.
  5. KennyKen

    Famiily of 3 (plus a cat) making the move!

    You seem to get off on people's misfortunes. You will fit right in Adelaide. Oh BTW it didn't shook me to the core it made me appreciate where I am now. Enjoy and I hope Adelaide is good for you and doesn't break you because karmas a bitch ay?
  6. KennyKen

    Famiily of 3 (plus a cat) making the move!

    I am one of those people who has shared my experience's of Adelaide. Most of which has been Negative. I'm honest with my opinions when prospective migrants comment and will not differ from that. If that's rattling your cage then so be it. If I feel a migrant in a particular similarity to my situation comments then I will do my upmost to uphold my honest opinion of Adelaide. The Place wasn't for me and my family but if for any reason a person asks the same questions I was then damn sure I will tell them of my personal experiences whether it breaks the status quo or not!!!
  7. KennyKen

    Foreign languages in Adelaide

    I'm certain that they will come in handy. There's a large Greek/Italian contingent around the eastern and western suburbs. Also the Submarine contract is to be started under a French Company. You would certainly been an asset to converse in both English and French fluently.
  8. KennyKen

    Newbies from Wales making the big move...lots of ?

    You would only be able to receive reciprocal Medicare. Not the full Medicare because you will not be permanent resident ... And Largs bay.. Still run down.. Have to use a baby car seat to Australian Standards. Leafy suburbs around Tea Tree Gully.
  9. Sand and Beaches. Don't pay the Bills unfortunately.
  10. Awful Feeling. I know I've been there. The only thing I could say is forget the phone calls and turn up in person if he hasn't already. Adelaide for new migrants is going to be insular it takes forever to feel that you're established. Maybe arrange meet ups on FB. Although I did the same and met a few people I wished I never. Don't lose hope though. Silver linings always show up in unexpected scenarios
  11. KennyKen

    Electrical jobs

    I don't want to be bearer of bad news mate... But being an electrician in Adelaide at the moment isn't the greatest... I think before you start looking for work consider looking at your licence requirements like enrolling at Peer. Preparation for Logbook that take you 6 months minimum. I don't want to sound cynical but I've left the state because of it and I'm an electrician who's been through Hell and back in Adelaide.
  12. Check the rental prices out in Sydney and then you will understand why! Plus your salary seems on par with what you were earning in UK. Commute from Brighton is 20 mins on train. Would you even call it a commute? For $2.5k a month I'd expect a bloody 4 bed with pool in Henley.
  13. KennyKen

    Moving in 2017

    Yeah I re read your original message. My bad. Misinterpreted
  14. KennyKen

    Moving in 2017

    Let's agree to Diasgree. By the way I don't know where your getting your info from but Im not on a temp visa
  15. KennyKen

    Moving in 2017

    Prospective migrants wouldn't be able to work self employed or would find it difficult to work on ABN due to the fact that the new migrant would be without an electrical licence.

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