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Grrrrrr Why so long


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Hi all

Our agent uploaded FORM 80 over 6weeks ago he sent a polite email to our c/o asking if all is ok over a week ago

guess what







im about to give up

Its like you dont want us

2 hard working adults

2 predicted A* teenagers

bringing enough capital so will not be any kind of drain

Dont know what else to do or say been in limbo for so long know

anyone got a visa after filling out a form 80 ?

England to Adelaide


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Guest Guest75

As Blossom said, some patience is required.

Visa apps can seem to go into a black hole and sit there for ages.


It's horrible having your life on hold.



The system is not taking you into account personally I can assure you.



Just to cheer you up.................<not>.................................our C/O went on a year's extended leave and forgot to pass our case on:shocked:



It's a shame as I see so many arrive here on a whim and return pretty quickly.

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Guest Claire-n-tel

Hi Randc!


Agree with Gumster you are going to need your patience during this whole process.....what visa have you applied for? There have been some emails to say that some are on hold until after 1st july.


There are no firm guides to waiting times only suggestions, the actual times can be a fraction of those given or a huge amount longer.


The fact that you are 2 hard working adults etc is much the same as almost every other applicant and wouldn't have any affect on your visa being granted.


Unfortunatly this whole visa thing can be frustrating as hell but remember that having a visa granted to you is a privalige not a right and try to let the process run its course.


Wishing you the best of luck

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Randc, I certainly get the impression from outside looking in that the whole visa process may have been slowed down due to political pressure. I very fortunately have my visa and gained it with 80 points within 1 year from start to finish although that was at the beginning of the new system when points counted and applications were at their lowest because of people being daunted by the new system. I can only see the visa application tightening up further maybe with the points threshold rising?


Best of luck with your application, yes you will need patience but just think of the whole exercise as a small hurdle there to challenge you and make you appreciate Australia that little bit more once the visa is granted.

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Hi Randc,


We are in the same boat and I know how you feel about wanting to give it up and forget about oz. We even had our house on the market for 3 months and no offers so even if we got our visa we still don't know if we will go because if we don't sell the house we aren't going. I contacted our agent and asked if any visas had been granted since the letter to tell us of the backlog and they said that there haven't been any grants since. So I think we'll have to wait till July. Good luck with the rest of your journey.

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