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  1. We are breaking lease on our rental which we have happily lived in since we arrived in sept 2013. We are moving into our own house on the 18th May so the lease is available from then. It is a lovely property in a quiet neighbourhood which is very close to the beach http://www.realestate.com.au/property-house-sa-moana-415684615 The pictures do not give the property justice & I would definitely recommend viewing if you are interested please contact me thanks
  2. Gumster

    Specialist Urologists

    Dr Zenon Hertzberg is really lovely & quite a character! He consults at 183 Tyne St North Adelaide & Salisbury his number is 82675355
  3. Gumster

    Coffee Shops!

    I'm a cake a holic! Ive put on 2st since I arrived 18mths ago!
  4. Gumster

    Guide on dental costs

    Im a dental hygienist therapist & work in a surgery in adelaide I would say that the standard of dentistry is generally higher here than compared to NHS treatment I provided in the UK. We had a wait, watch & see approach which if im honest seemed to me like supervised neglect. I would always say that when your looking for a dentist ask friends & colleagues as they invariably will give an honest appraisal of a dentist they recommend. Plus it's advisable to do the research with the private health fund as many practices are preferred providers for companies such as Bupa &; HCF & the rebate will also be better. Often children included on a parents plan are gap free.
  5. Gumster

    Recommendation please?

    The libary at noarlunga has a genealogist who offers help to trace relatives they also have a dedicated computer you can book for 2hrs to trace the family tree. Worth given them a call as I think its a free service plus they'll more than likely be able to point you in the right direction
  6. Hi Laura im interested in the sofa's, the fridge & washer as well. I'll pm you. Thank you kerry
  7. Gumster

    courier documents to uk

    Hi im in the process of selling my uk house & have to send signed documents to my solicitor. Ive just couriered them 2-4 days using the post office but it cost me $55 can anyone recommend anywhere that might do it a bit cheaper? Thanks
  8. Gumster

    Should I be offended?

    I was really upset when my best friend in the UK de-friended me on Facebook! I don't think she could cope with the pictures of the beach & sun! Her husband is still on my friends list!
  9. Gumster

    Speeding fine...do I have to pay?

    Try pay it somehow as they will catch up with you. The DVLA sent a debt collection letter to us 13 mths after we had left the uk for non payment of car tax on a car we had sold a month before we left. It was not worth the effort of arguing & I just paid the 80.00 quid
  10. Gumster

    One way ticket

    I had to go home 8mths after arriving to attend a funeral it would have saved me a bit if I'd had a return ticket however you can never really plan for the unexpected & when the time came I would have paid all the money in the world to get back
  11. No you don't need a job sponsor unless you are applying for 457 visa which is a 4yr working visa.
  12. Gumster

    Furniture and white goods for sale

    Thank you kim I've just messaged you as well
  13. Gumster

    Furniture and white goods for sale

    Hiya kim, are the two bedside cabinets for sale?
  14. Would definitely recommend a recci, like the other post we came out for 3wks & the first company my partner phoned In the yellow pages offered him a job. Fast forward a year & he's still with them.
  15. Gumster

    Random questions about what to take

    I realised when I looked for the creepy crawlies I found them! So I now walk around with my eyes half closed! Im personally lizard & reptile phobic! In our first week we saw a big brown snakes (realised partner is also snake phobic when he ran behind me! !) & then a lizard followed by a gang of his friends walked across our driveway! I survived .....just! !

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