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Hi everyone!


My husband is going to start a PhD at the Roseworthy campus of Adelaide University later this year. I was wondering if there is anyone else here who studies/works there? We were wondering whether it would be best to search local accommodation (it will be us and our baby) or if it would be better to search something in Adelaide? Does anyone know how easy it is to commute towards the campus (by public transport). Any other suggestions are very welcome!





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There is almost no way you could travel to Roseworthy by public transport from Adelaide.

My daughter was there (a while ago now) and she lived in during the week and travelled home or to Adelaide most weekends. When she worked in Gawler, she lived in Nuriootpa, at the northern end of the Barossa and travel took her about 25mins by car.

Roseworthy is not far from the Barossa Valley and you can either look there for accommodation or try north of Gawler which is a pleasant town about 20 mins away. Around Gawler are a few newer housing estates and you should be able to get accommodation there, like Hewitt or Willaston. It is a rapidly expanding area that used to be rural and is now being subdivided and built on.

There is a rail line from Gawler into Adelaide, but you have to get in and out of Roseworthy.

I have just found the following info on the Uni web site, looks like they run shuttles from Adelaide to the Campus and also from Gawler http://www.adelaide.edu.au/infrastructure/campus_services/services/transportation/

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Guest Guest75

Hmmm??? it is a long way out. I helped with some study work on Olive tree there. It's flat, get's very hot in summer and not a lot of anything around!

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Guest Guest12727

Well it is in an agricultural region. As your husband is doing a PhD there, does that mean you are used to living in agricultural regions? I agree with Cliffy, Gawler or the Barossa would be your best bet. All the facilities you need with a baby are available and it is a reasonable journey to Roseworthy. They are lovely areas and there is no need to live closer to Adelaide, it is still very commutable for a trip when you fancy.

There is a member here who lives Barossa, so hopefully he can give you some advice. My sister lived there (Nuriootpa) for about 15years and loved it. Great community.

Good luck.

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Hi we moved to Gawler Belt last year after five years of living in a busy built up suburb. The properties in this area are mostly acreage and yes the area is very flat. We like it because its great for raising our animals or in our case poultry and a very happy go lucky Labrador. We are 5 minutes drive from Gawler with shops, cafe's, libraries, garages etc and about a 5 -10 min drive to Roseworthy campus/veterinary college. Hewitt is a nice little suburb on the edge of Gawler on a bit of a hill. Property sizes aren't huge as its a fairly new development. Some of the properties are on steep slopes however they will give exceptional views. Nurioopta is a gorgeous little character town, the vineyards surrounding this suburb influences the feel of the place. The one thing that must be taken into consideration for you all is to know these area's are a high fire risk area. If you consider living up here, you'll need to make a fire action plan. We use Roseworthy Veterinary college as our local vet, it has a state of the art, modern facility. To us it looks very impressive environment to work and learn in.



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Thanks Spanners, I have already send you a message. Thanks Julie-Ruth, this is exactly the kind of 'insider' information I'm looking for :) How nice to hear you are raising poultry, I would love to do that as well. My husband's PhD is going to be in the field of poultry nutrition and I have already completed a PhD in poultry welfare myself :)

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