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  1. Great question and great answers. They do have a safety aspect but I think like people said they are mainly used to keep the sun out etc. Julie
  2. julie-ruth


    Great to hear, I've struggled to get good poultry veterinary advice and welfare information so I'm sure your expertise is going to be very welcome. Julie
  3. julie-ruth


    Hi we moved to Gawler Belt last year after five years of living in a busy built up suburb. The properties in this area are mostly acreage and yes the area is very flat. We like it because its great for raising our animals or in our case poultry and a very happy go lucky Labrador. We are 5 minutes drive from Gawler with shops, cafe's, libraries, garages etc and about a 5 -10 min drive to Roseworthy campus/veterinary college. Hewitt is a nice little suburb on the edge of Gawler on a bit of a hill. Property sizes aren't huge as its a fairly new development. Some of the properties are on steep slopes however they will give exceptional views. Nurioopta is a gorgeous little character town, the vineyards surrounding this suburb influences the feel of the place. The one thing that must be taken into consideration for you all is to know these area's are a high fire risk area. If you consider living up here, you'll need to make a fire action plan. We use Roseworthy Veterinary college as our local vet, it has a state of the art, modern facility. To us it looks very impressive environment to work and learn in. Julie
  4. julie-ruth

    Lots of advice needed!

    You might want to consider a baccalaureate qualification instead of Sace for your children. The qualification is recognised internationally. Banksia park public school is the only school I know of that teaches student towards this qualification. Other parents/teachers on here might be able to give you more information on the qualification and identify other school public or private that might be of interest to you in this area. However I don't know quite how its going to work if your considering returning to the Uk when your child is 16 unless you put them up a year or two from other children in their aged group, that is a good subject to discuss with the school's your seeing (afraid I'm not a teacher so guessing a bit here). Good luck with the search. Easy in reach places to visit would be Adelaide Zoo if you get a chance, close to the city so not too far out to enjoy a relaxing day out (if its not flooded). Glenelg is a fun place for kids, nice beach, beach house is fun however probably best to go there when its a sunny day. If you want to get a feel for the place then enjoy a drive in the hills, beautiful views and amazing to spot Kangaroo's and other wildlife in the wild. There are lots of nice cafe's/drop in wine tasting vineyards all over the place. Hope you enjoy your stay even if its not typical weather for this time of year... Julie
  5. julie-ruth

    Lots of advice needed!

    For my tuppence worth first think about where your husband will be working and consider what transport you'll be using and how far/length of time is he prepared to commute. Also consider what you are use to and what you really want for your family if you come from city living in the Uk with lots of attractions on your doorstep, reasonable regular public transport and don't mind a bit of congestion and the noise and commotion of city life then consider suburbs around the city. West of the city is a favourite with many migrants, close to the beach, great shops however very busy roads. North Adelaide is in the flight path however planes stops at 11pmish and starts up around 6amish, can be noisy however great modern restaurants/cafes and easy access to the city. East of the city is very established with Italian/Greek communities influence there. From what I understand the public schools in this area are very highly favoured and produce great results. I don't know much south of the city, however it is a popular area for the Brit's and its certainly cooler to live during the hot, hot summers we have here. I'm sure someone will give you a more descriptive opinion of the south. Julie
  6. julie-ruth

    Cost of living

    When we were first settling I found the cost of living here very expensive compared to the UK, however I subscribed to this website http://www.cheapskates.com.au/ for a year and got lots of useful tips on saving money. I think its about $12 annually to subscribe and there's lots of advice from budgeting to making washing powder. Kidspot Australia is also useful for handy tips with children... Hope it helps... Julie
  7. julie-ruth

    Breaking Lease - 4 bedroom house at Wynn Vale

    House is Let. Thank you for your interest. Julie
  8. julie-ruth

    Breaking Lease - 4 bedroom house at Wynn Vale

    House is available now and can be seen on realestate.com.au and domain.com.au. There are few 4 bedroom homes to rent in this lovely family orientated suburb, real worth checking this house out...
  9. A new opportunity has arisen for my family and we are breaking the lease to our long term rental. The house has not been advertised yet as we're still in the process of moving out. House will be available from the 19th October. Currently paying $415 per week House features 4 good sized bedrooms - 3 bedrooms have built in wardrobes, master bedroom has parents retreat room, walk in wardrobe and en-suite. Large rumpus room Modern kitchen with dishwasher, gas hob and oven Evaporative air-con and gas warm air central heating (lovely during the winter) Single garage and covered entertainment area Raised flowerbeds with fruit trees. Short walk (5 mins) to schools, shops and bus stop. Excellent bus route to Tea tree plaza and the CBD. PM for more further information. Julie...
  10. julie-ruth


    We are just about to undertake our citizenship interview on the 8th August...
  11. julie-ruth

    Is it time to stop bringing any more migrants in?

    This thread is forgetting one thing. How many Australians are leaving this country to work overseas??? Stop immigration and the only people who'd be happy is the aboriginals they would get their land and lives back. Saying that with the resources and skill mix you get from migrants houses are built better, car's are built safer, health-care is improving and yes education has become competitive. To win the job you've not only got to be good you've got to be exceptional. At the end of the day most Australian's prefer quality services over worrying about which country that person has come from that's delivering it. Saying that like all countries this country does not like bludgers... ​Julie
  12. julie-ruth


    Good grief what have I started. It was mean't as a Joke (Aussie Joke) Tyke is right, I'm driving around on the roads between 6 - 8 hours a day and I've seen lots of bad driving from all kinds of ages, groups of people but the majority of people out their are responsible drivers who are just trying to get to their destination without bothering or upsetting any other road users.... Julie...
  13. julie-ruth


    We do have really bad drivers, generally known at P-platers they even advertise with a giant P in their windows. Please be advised to be wary of them, make sure you give them plenty of room (best to have them infront of you instead of behind you as they seem to drive so closely behind you they want to get in the car with you) , also the same rules apply for anyone driving a Ute, very dangerous (mod's can I use the term "nutter's") Julie
  14. julie-ruth

    Care workers qualifications

    No the company above is only Community based training. They don't sponcer, the organisation who employee's me has sponcered me on my courses using the above agency. For training to become an EN I am using a company called Nursing Dynamic's, its a one day a week, intensive 20 months course and they wouldn't of let me joined this course without a Cert 3 in either aged care or community care Its a very long hard slog to get into a nursing career. Julie
  15. Hello all, I thought I would pass on this bit of information for people who are emigrating over here and wish to work in a care workers role. www.cstdc.com.au has a flexible training programme where you can train on line to complete a Cert 2, Cert 3 or Cert 4 in community care. This is a great opportunity for people to train in this field while waiting for their visa. Care workers are widely required but you will not be able to work in this field without completing a minimum Cert 3. This company trains for people who wish to work in the community not in Care Homes that you will require a minimum of Cert 3 in aged care. I have found my NVQ's were not recodnised and I had to retrain to work in the community as a carer. I originally trained in Cert 3 and now are near completing my Cert 4 with the company above. The company I work for is now sponcering me to become an Enrolled Nurse, which will give me a wider scope with my nursing career. Hope this helps someone Julie

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