Adelaide's Gen Y amongst poorest in the nation

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    Ok, so for some reason some people on the forum seem to be under the impression that only positive views of Adelaide are allowed on this forum. Life is not that simple. There are positives AND negatives. If you don't agree with someone, sure debate it, but in an adult respectful way. Insults will not be tolerated on the forum. We have worked very hard to make the forum a place where people can chat and debate without feeling like they will be attacked for what their opinion is. Nobody wants that type of negativity in their lives (if you do you've come to the wrong forum).

    If you have a problem with something someone has said, either use the ignore function so you don't see their posts, or if you think it is insulting someone personally, use the report button (without replying on the thread) and a member of the moderating team will review it.


    I apologise for those people who's posts have been removed who weren't insulting, and were replying in a respectful way, it was just easier to wipe the whole lot that keep out of context comments.

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