How do the school years work in Oz

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    Hi all,


    We'e getting closer! Finally got all my paperwork and managed to get 8.5 on my IELTS which should get me 80 points - woo hoo. Filing the skills assessment next week.


    Our plan is to come over in Dec 2016. My question is regarding what ages children are for the start of the school year in Oz.


    I'm assuming the new school year starts in Jan after the big holiday period?


    I have 2 children. A boy born in June who will be 9 in Dec 2016 and year 5 in the UK and a little girl who will just have turned 7 that December and be in school year 2 in the UK.


    I just want to know what school year they'll go into presuming they start in Jan 2017, e.g. would my boy be year 5 or 6? (Year 6 being the last year before they go to secondary school in the UK).


    Hope that makes sense!


    Thanks as always xx

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    Hi Lucy

    You have probably worked this out already, but it's always nice to get a reply.


    I have been in a similar situation very recently and looking at what years my children would go into in Jan 2016.


    My 9 year old, in UK year 5 now and who will not be 10 until after April 2016, would start the new school year 2016/17 in SA in year 4

    My 8 year old, in UK year 3 now and who will not be 9 until after April 2016, would start the new school year 2016/17 in year 3

    This just reflects the later age at reception intake and the different school year start.


    My 4 year old, currently in reception in the UK and in her second year at her school having been to nursery there, would only be going into Kindergarten in SA in January. It seems a big jump in years from the UK but actually, if we lived in Scotland rather than England the reception intake age is along similar lines in that children should be min 4yrs 6 months. In SA from what i have understood it is 4 yrs 9 months. In England it is 4yrs 1 day.


    From what i can gather this means that they move onto secondary education a couple of years later and for a shorter time, but that sounds like a positive to me...rather than a little one off to high school the day after their 11th birthday :sad:


    Hope that if i am mistaken, that someone with more knowledge jumps in.

    Loads of luck with your move

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    Thanks for the replies guys!! I'm happy that they won't be off to big school at dead on 11. Makes perfect sense to me :)

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    To be honest, I wouldn't get too hung up on which year your child will be in - it's just another thing to stress about because the system is different but it all works out once you're here :)


    We've been here since July 2012 so all of mine had started (and one finished) primary in the UK but just as an example of how it really doesn't matter: This school year I have an August 2001 child in year 9 (she's in a year group with a child who will be 16 before she's 14), a September 2002 child in year 7 and a May 2005 child in year 5 so cut-offs and dates and rolling terms just don't apply to my 3 - it's down to how you think your child can cope with school after your move, how strict a school is on applying date cut-offs and how well you articulate what you want for your child.



    This previous thread might be of some help:

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