What does living in Australia mean to you compared to living in the UK?

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    OK so the topic question was posed by a member over on our sister site, Poms in Oz but I thought it might be a good one for people on PIA :biggrin: I've changed 'Australia' for 'Adelaide' as this is Poms in Adelaide after all. Also, as Aus is so vast and so different depending on where you settle state/city wise, I felt Adelaide was better suited.


    Those that have made the move what does living in Adelaide really mean to you compared to living in the UK (or wherever else you hail from)?


    And were the expectations (if you had any) before you set off on the big move fulfilled once you settled in?



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    I'll post what I posted over on PIO. I've maybe tweaked the wording a little as I've just read it back and gone :eek: at my grammar or spelling :cute: And added a few as I thought of more :cute:



    * It means my son can grow up knowing his Australian family, which number a lot! He can grow up knowing the country his father is from and grew up in. He can also appreciate both living in England and Australia. And perhaps elsewhere in the world should we choose to move on at some point. It means he sees less of his UK family (less of them, living further apart). He sees quite a bit of the Aus family. More immediate family members regularly (at least weekly I'd say), the wider family on special occasions or family get togethers which happen a good few times a year.


    * It means I don't get to see my family and friends elsewhere in the world very often and that genuine regular contact is intermittent. We all lead pretty busy lives and don't have time/energy to sit and Skype at antisocial hours 6 months of the year so its short and sweet emails, FB and the odd card plus Skype when we can both be around at the same time. I'm ok with not seeing them for the most part but just now and again, to just catch up for the day would be good.


    * It means stinking hot weather in summer. Too hot quite often to venture out into the heat of the day. But we get round this with morning and evening walks and so on. It also means cold houses in winter. Crappy insulation and single brick do not for warm heating retaining houses make. Nor does the hot air that gets blown into them.


    * It means much of my dog walking is done keeping the dog on the lead. Lots of national parks are dog free zones and many parks and walks are dogs under control or on leash. Or because of the snakes etc in warmer months I dare not let him run free on the trails. I don't really go the beach for dog walking, never been an appealing place to wander with them here or in England when we were there. Was nice in winter months now and again but prefer other types of walks.


    It means a better school for our son here. Much better. And he went to an Ofsted rated outstanding school in the UK. It was a decent school in England but very cramped and tiny classrooms etc. And doesn't come close to what he now has. All round I think its better here for him, not just in academic terms but in overall terms for him as a little person. High school.... will have to see :)


    * It means my son can pursue his sports much more. More free sports facilities around. Tennis and basketball courts all over the place, ovals, cricket nets, BMX tracks, footy (AFL not soccer). Hubby prefers the cycling here too. Loves the hills and that there is less traffic on them than UK rural roads.


    * It means I get to sleep covered in mossie repellant most summer nights. Am looking to buy a net this year.


    * It means fresh fruit in abundance. Cheaper meat? Possibly. Lots of hormones added into it though. Bread is more expensive.


    * It means a lovely (but can get cold) house in an area we think is great and ticks our boxes. Much bigger garden and much more building floor space than we had in the UK (based on our UK town living, not our rural farm living as cannot compare that with here as that is not our situation here).


    * It means work is intermittent for me. And not always easy to come by. But I get by. Hubby is working, hasn't stopped since we got back.


    * New wildlife to discover! Yes I do get to see rather a lot of it so perhaps am luckier than many. Echidnas, koalas, emus, roos, possums, dolphins, snakes, spiders, geckos, lizards....


    * We spend more time together as a family. Hubby working from home means no commute 45 mins- an hour each way a day so he has time to spend at the start and end of day with us. And also weekends are more balanced for us.


    * I like the spring and autumn months for warmth. Winter is ok too in my book (apart from cold housing). Summer when its not stinking hot is good too.


    * Living on a gulf with its stunning beaches. Not that we visit them a great deal. Often in winter to walk the dog and early morning or evening in summer but other than that, bit hit and miss. We'd rather be off elsewhere most of the time. Nice to have them 15 minutes drive from our house though.


    * I actually like the part of Aus we live in. Its a pretty lovely place all up :)


    * Hot weather = driving the car and using air con in it. I miss walking to the shops and stuff too. We live too far from our local ones and no such thing as a corner shop near us here.


    * Not having any say politically. Really don't like that. Roll on citizenship.


    * The massive food portions. I wanted a cream slice for me, not a cream slice to feed a family of 5! Seriously, why are the single portion cakes and savouries so flipping huge! There is no need :goofy:


    * Marmite. It costs. But at least its here.


    * AFL :biggrin: Yes, I've totally embraced Aussie rules footy and cheer on my team each week. I joined in the family footy tips also, subscribe to the news feeds and all that to keep up on what is happening. It really has helped with friendships also as I've met a number of (mostly Aussie) mums at kids training and hit it off and become good friends with them. Hubby has also made some new friends through this which has been good. As families too we all get together which is great.


    * I miss the NHS but Medicare and private insurance is doing ok. I do like I have a regular GP here now having found a practice I am happy to attend on a regular basis. That has helped make a difference to me.


    * It means overall, we are happy with life here and have no plans to return to the UK. We like it here more at present. Its not magically wonderful but we've made some good friends, have a lovely home and our son is happy and so are we. We have a good social life, get out when we want and feel very settled. The downsides don't make us want to return to the UK, we didn't leave under a cloud either, just decided it would be good to move so here we are. No real biggie and no homesickness or struggling in the least to settle.

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    You should definitely not get bitten that much by mozzies, unless you are living in a tent lol! As long as you keep your screens on, and doors and windows closed at night, none should get in

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    You should definitely not get bitten that much by mozzies, unless you are living in a tent lol! As long as you keep your screens on, and doors and windows closed at night, none should get in


    heh, tell that to my 7 year old who is in and out of the house letting them in :mad::cute:


    Its not that I get bitten loads, more that if I do I have a bad reaction and what should be a normal mozzie bite becomes a large swollen very tender and sore upper arm/lower leg and so on. Swelling is raised and can measure 15cms plus across and be painful.

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    You have listed a lot of the reasons that I would have mentioned...


    I moved from the UK many years ago and came here via another country so a lot of my reasons are related to that.


    * It means being safe.

    I don't have to constantly look over my shoulder if someone is walking behind me.

    * I can leave the doors unlocked without fear that I will be robbed.

    * I don't worry when my children or grandchildren are a few minutes late.

    * The children can be anything that they put their minds to. They can live and prosper without discrimination.

    * Most (but not all) of the family are happy here. Things that they miss mostly relate to food! (so that's not too important in my view).

    * When it's hot's too hot...and who would have thought that Australia could be so cold! Crappy insulation, windows, expensive heating...whinge whinge:smile:

    * I didn't expect the locals to be so friendly...most of them really are. Having moved once before it's difficult to fit in and be accepted....I think that it's so much easier here. I feel at home.

    * I HATE the flies! It must have been a bad season when I arrived but they were everywhere. Where I lived before flies landed on your food...not in your eyes, ears and mouth!!!:smile:

    * I love the area that I live in. My whole world is on my doorstep...but I make an effort to see other parts.

    * I love having choice. It is a nanny state in many respects but big brother is not as oppressive.

    * When I arrived I enjoyed not having to pay half my income on school fees and private medical costs. My grandchildren are happy, normal and safe...don't get any silly ideas again daughter!!!:smile:

    * I loved walking on the local beach, day or night, letting my new dog run free. Not being worried about who was lurking and not having to have gun nearby all the time.

    * I love the Adelaide market, entertainment centre, Thebarton, The Gov and other venues. It annoying that not all artists visit Adelaide but it does get me away to Melbourne for short stays!

    * We are happy here. I have 7 Aussie grandchildren. Why didn't we move earlier! The care that we get for a poorly family member is outstanding...thank you health care workers!:smile:

    I am thankful that I was fortunate to be one of the few that was allowed to move here. It's provided opportunity where none existed.

    Moving here has made me happy... they are a friendly lot here...and it makes such a difference when systems work (most of the time!) in my first world home.

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