High interest accounts and money transfer

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    We are moving over to SA in August 2016 but may have sold home before hand. I know the exchange rate could go either way, however we are thinking of transferring funds over to Australia account 6 months before we arrive if all goes well. Based on this I have 2 questions:


    - What is the best value and secure ways to transfer funds

    - Are there high interest accounts that you can benefit from if you leave money in for min of 6 months


    Any advice is very much appreciated...

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    I have found that the best value and secure way to transfer funds is via currency specialists like Moneycorp. I have an account myself and have transferred funds easily and at the best exchange rate.

    I am not too sure about high interest accounts. The rates all seem quite low at the moment. A number of banks are offering 3.5 %.

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