Making the move to Adelaide in 2016?

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If so, if you've not already done so, feel free to sign up and account to the forum and say hello to us all :smile: Make use of this thread to say hello on and introduce yourself if you'd rather. You are more than welcome to start your own thread too.


Its been good to see a few new members sign up and introduce themselves the past few weeks. Migration numbers are on the slower side in general to Australia atm though


Some are planning the move this year, others in the process of applying for their visa. Doesn't matter if you are just at the start of your visa application or about to arrive in Australia or already here, always good to hear from you :biggrin:


If you've questions about the visa processes we have the Migration section here Also past topics may provide you the information you are after so feel free to make use of the forum search feature.


We also have some information threads on various sections of the forum


* Suburbs (an ongoing section of the forum), renting and real estate and also rentals available including short term fully furnished homes for those new arrivals who need a base for the first few weeks. You can find all those things here


* A For The Kids forum where there is a thread covering schools information for primary and high school and also an activities thread. We also try to post an activity list each school holiday of things to do with the kids. You can find most of these at the top of the For The Kids forum as sticky threads


Then we've got a handy For Sale/Wanted forum where people can list items to give away, buy or sell. For new arrivals it can be a great way to pick up a few items or for those having a spring clean or a move on the cards, a good way to sell stuff.


Plus lots more to provide plenty of reading :) Not everything is going to be happy reading and there is no denying that some fields of work are struggling so of course making the move is not without risk. However there is always an element of risk when migrating, be it from leaving loved ones and your home or trying to secure work in a new country to navigating the new rules and regulations or finding a suitable place to call home. If you really want to migrate, then this forum will hopefully provide you with information, feedback from those already here and so on to help you decide if its the right thing for you at this time. If you've already migrated, then the forum will hopefully provide other things for you :)


So, stop by, say hello, make use of the forum information resource and get to know others.




snifter (on behalf of the admin and mod team)




A few pics from out and about


Somewhere in the hills










The view from Mt Lofty (bit hazy but hopefully gives you an idea)





A fruit stall at the Adelaide Central Market





One of the many beaches, think this was at Port Noarlunga in late autumn (May)





The Murray River at Mannum with the ferry boat going across in the distance (family camping trip)



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We have just been granted our 190 Skilled Visa to SA and we plan to take up residence in Adelaide.


We are a family of four. My husband and myself are in our early forties and we have two girls aged 11 yrs and 14 yrs. I am being faced with a challenging choice on which suburb to choose to reside in as all the suburbs in Adelaide are just names on the map to me. Based on information and feeback on other forums, I did like Woodville and also Golden Grove and Blackwood. I shortlisted Woodville due to its proximity to CBD but also prefer staying in the hills, we love it, so hence our choice of Blackwood or a new suburb like Golden Grove (heard lots of good stuff about it).


I am looking foward to helpful insights on which suburb I could/should choose as my primary requirement would be to find affordable rentals as we will have to come over and look for jobs, so I dont want a huge dent in our savings. Good Public schools for my girls. Both are intelligent and both love sports, so a good choice of schools and thirdly we prefer a safe and friendly neighbourhood. We do not mind commuting long distances, as we do that here in Mumbai on a daily basis.


I look forward to receiving any kind of advice of which suburb would be best suited for us to reside in. I would really appreciate the helpful responses.


Many thanks and warm regards,

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Hello Folks!


I have my 190 visa granted and am making a move to Adelaide later in August this year.


Having lived in UK, US, Singapore, UAE, Malaysia and India in last 5 years, I am really excited for this move.


I am 33 and single, perfect mix of cultures who loves travelling, outdoor activities and fitness.


Any suggestion on the following?:


1 - Do's and Don'ts of Adelaide

2 - Where to live while I look for a job (Single - willing to share a flat/house)

3 - Best form of transportation till I buy a car in a few months after I get a job

4 - Which mobile provider is best for AU and International calls (India/US/UK)

5 - Estimated cost of living for a single guy

6 - Best way to make a social circle - meet new people

7 - Anything that you think an immigrant needs to keep in mind


I have done my own calculations / research but I can always use more information especially by folks having a first hand experience.


Thanks for showing interest on my post, your help is truly appreciated.




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Welcome to the forum T :)


Running out the door but a quick thought is that if you are based somewhere central near or on a tram/bus/train route then you'd probably manage to start off. Mostly will come down to where you find work and where you choose to settle, then probably buying a car would be a better option. Also if you live near a decent bike path to the CBD, peddle power could be an option.

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Thanks Snifter!


I was wondering if there is CBD like Sydney / Melbourne in Adelaide too or are the offices spread all over the city? I need to know this to figure out where to live in Adelaide.

I lived in New York City and Downtown NY is the corporate hub and it was convenient living in Manhattan and travelling downtown for interviews etc. in the first few weeks at least. But when I moved to Florida, the offices are spread all across, thankfully I had a car and could drive around but this is not a privilege I would have in SA to start with. Still I had to break my leases and ended up loosing some money to move closer to my work place and save time in travelling.


I am concerned more about Banking and Financial institutions and Insurance Companies.



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Yes there is a CBD, smaller and compact. You can look it up on google maps to get an idea of the layout. Its surrounded by parklands.


I really could not comment on your line of work as I don't really know much about that. There are all the main banks with offices in the CBD I'd expect. And as I said, living on a tram/train or bus route would see you able to commute from further out without issue I'd think. And cheaper cost of rentals can be found depending on area. CBD prices can be high.

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Hi everyone. I am Dimitri and I will be relocating to Adelaide in October. Looking forward to it. Would love to meet new people :-)

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Hello there guys/gals, just thought I'd say hello before I start to fire off my million questions lol anyone ready and willing for them? 

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Welcome Adieplatts; there are always a million questions about such a big move and usually someone on hand to help out so fire away.

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