Very Impressed with Medicare and access to CT scans

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    Hubby has had Sciatica for 4 days, finally decided at 5am on Friday he was going to see his Dr.


    Got an online appointment for 10am that day. Bulk Billed.


    Referred for Ct scan.Given scripts for medication.


    Got appointment for CT scan at 2pm the same day.Bulk billed again.


    Having had to have, the same things investigated in the Uk years ago was very impressed.:smile:



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    he deserves to get good treatment, -he seems to have done all the right things


    - didn't rush to the Emergency Dept

    - waited to see if the pain would subside, or change

    - used the i'net to arrange a mutually convenient time to see his GP first

    - made himself available for the first available appointment (s)

    - happy to share good news stories


    I'm guessing he's also the sort of person who puts a bit of effort into developing a decent relationship with his GP service:


    -gives a good clear history of the onset of the problem

    -doesn't try to exaggerate symptoms

    -considers and takes advice seriously

    -talks openly and honestly about any misgivings

    -doesn't try to nag (-or pay) his way up the waiting list

    -accepts his share of the responsibility for outcomes



    JB :swoon:

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    I've had great experiences getting scans here too. Although I did get a ct scan last year and nobody told me before hand that breastfeeding would be an issue with the injection (I hadn't even realised there would be an injection). Luckily the scan without the injection was good enough. :-)

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