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Bus and Rail Concession


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The criteria for the card is as follows:

I know people who have the seniors card and don't meet all these criteria...ie: they aren't permanent SA residents.

It's always a good idea to get a local licence...even if you don't reside here. It's quite simple (but has a cost involved) and gives you local id. I again know of lots of people who visit for months at a time, are not permanent residents but they have a kocal licence which opens other avenues such as the seniors card for example.


You're eligible for a Seniors Card if you meet the following three criteria:

  1. you're aged 60 years or older
  2. you're a permanent South Australian resident
  3. you're not working more than 20 hours per week in paid employment (part-time and casual employees may average their hours over a 12 month period).

There is no income or pension limit and the card is issued free of charge.

Seniors Card logo

Before you begin

You'll need a document that proves how old you are - for example:

  • birth certificate
  • drivers licence
  • passport.
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Hi Snifter

Thank you for the info.  What it is - we are on a bridging visa which will eventually tie up with the Age Parent Visa.  We went to Centrelink who have given us some info and a website to go into to see if we are entitled to any concession on bus and rail travel and also for medicines.  We are here from the UK so we get reciprocal medical help. 

I do appreciate you trying to help us so if you have any further info this would be most helpful and gratefully received.

Thank you once again



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I'd expect if on a temp/bridging visa then it would be as Tamara posted above. The seniors cards seems to be for people with PR or citizenship which you don't have at the moment. 

I think you possibly need to call and enquire or go into an office somewhere (see where they have them listed) and talk in person. 


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