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Has anyone found any free to air channels that are not swamped with adverts virtually every five minutes, mostly with the same boring adverts repeating all the time. We thought about the subscription channels but these seem to be mainly films and sport which we are not that interested in. With the dark evenings and a bit cold at the moment, not much fun outside at the moment.

Be interested to hear any suggestions.

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Nope. We have Foxtel (the sports package and HD) and hardly watch free to air. There will be the odd series I'll want to watch but I tend to record them and watch them later so I can skip the ads and stuff. Oh and some sporting events on free to air. We did have the Entertainment package on Foxtel, with all the channels like the BBC First, Showcase etc but binned that when we got Netflix. 

We also have Netflix and Amazon Prime (which gets us the Amazon streaming). No end of options there. 

Your local library can be a good place to hire TV series and movies. IIRC they are free to rent (but that could depend on your local council). If they don't have it in you can order it. 


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Thanks snifter, I think I would end up with RSI if I tried recording and then skipping all the adverts, I have lived in a few countries but have not come across so many crap adverts ruining programmes. When the weather gets a bit warmer here in the hills, sitting outside is a better option than watching the box.

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