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Busted by cops !!!!!!!!!


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I got stopped by the cops today...........:arghh:


Our rego is due which isnt a problem as you have 30days to renew it but they did me for defualt front tyres which i think were not too bad, all in all it has cost me $140 for 2 new tyres, $84 fine and then $25 for a police officer to come out of the police station to check the 2 new front tyres.

He asked why i had not done the rego and i told em the truth i am waiting for some money to come thru from a guy whom i did some work for........the copper was quite nice tho and said its no big deal just get it sorted.


All this on top of not having a job and travelling up to city and back to register with agencies that do **** all for you.


All in all still love it here and the coppers were only doing their jobs..........they gotta keep track of these cars somehow as they dnt do owt like MOTs here which is quite scary.


I just thought i should share one of my misfortunes with you all lol.


Still life goes onwards and upwards eh!!!!

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OH, that's a bit of bad luck.


I live in hallett cove and normally exit on the Barramundi Drive cut off, but last friday decided to go via Perry Barr Road. I then travel onto Majors road which is a shorter distance via P.B.rd.


Anyways, I went via the P.B. rd and nobody would let me change lanes on the Lonsdale road, I then had to drive like an Ozzie and cut in front of people to get to my cut off, who was behind me on a motorbike.....the cops.


He pulled up beside me and said that it was a pretty dangerous move that I had just taken and wouldn't recommend it again.


I on the other hand knew this as I was still shaking like a leaf and cursing under my breath, a few of which I think he caught by lip reading through the side window!


I explained that nobody would let me in, after indicating, he replied they won't..........Welcome to Australia!!!! was the reply.


If you can't beat them, join them x

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Guest the staffords

luck you heaps....i got done for no rego...it was only 10 days overdue!!!sorry...you havnt got 30 days..your 3rd party insurance,inbuilt into rego,lasts for 30 days..but thats all...coppers eh!

i nearly joined the police force...passed all the exams,medicals etc....but then they found out my mum and dad were married!!!

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Guest Greg and Karen

I explained that nobody would let me in, after indicating, he replied they won't..........Welcome to Australia!!!! was the reply.


Made I larf this did. Spot on.


I love this place overall and will never move back to the UK but I have driven all over the world and I have never encountered such a bunch of selfish, discourteous drivers as you find in Adelaide. Lane changing? Everyman for himself. Try and turn right on a major road? Forget it, you'll be there for weeks. Its like the Indy 500 but with chimpanzees for drivers.


And have you ever stopped to let someone in?! Crikey, not only do you not get any thanks, they look at you as if you are mad!


Weird thing is, get them out of the car and they trip over themselves to be friendly!


Oh, and don't get me started on speeding fines. In over 20 years of driving I have never and I repeat never been hit with a speeding ticket. Two months in Adelaide and I have had two speeding fines and six points (both for doing 56/57 in a 50 zone, just after leaving a 60 zone)!


Sorry for the rant, had a couple of beers.


By the way, its snowing in London for the first time in 70 years....

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Guest stufi1997

Feel for you....I'm normally always on the right side of the law but got caught for the first time ever....was speaking on my mobile while driving at 30 kms/hour, I know it's wrong and have well and trully given myself a talking to................... but $229!!!!!!!!

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Guest Guest75



Sorry to read this Heaps.

It always seems to happen when least expected.


Looks like the cops were not too bad with you.


It pays to keep quiet and not argue with the cops here.

My mate has a notoriously big gob - he used it when stopped for speeding - then the cops decided to go through his car with a fine tooth comb.Lets just say they found several expensive faults and someone now keeps their gob shut.

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