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We have been here for 1 year wow.

laura girling

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Hi All,


I just happened to look at the date and suddenly realised we have been here for a whole year.

wow that went fast!

I think everyone knows we have had our ups and our downs, homesickness, our struggles with the housing market in England, problems finding a well paid job ect.

Well none of the above with the exception of homesickness has got any better.

But here is what,s got better,

All my friends and family have now downloaded Skype.

I have new friends to share my week.

and lots of interviews for jobs.

The warmer weather makes everything better

My children are settled and have now made good friends, my son is sleeping out tonight yipee.

and ive suddenly realised that if we go home without our citizenship, we probably never return, so we are dangling on a thread to stay here at least one more year.

I also now think of Adelaide as our home and its well worth the fight to stay.

I hope I haven't put anyone off, thats not my intention, but if we can do it anyone can,


Good luck!!!!


Laura xxxx

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Congratulations Laura and family...wow it has come round quick like you say! Yes it's been more than tough for you but you're to be commended for sticking your necks out and making the most of the hard time you've had. I'm glad to hear you're going to stay on, despite the struggles (it is hard for many of us...) and hope that all the hard work you're both putting in will eventually reap wonderful rewards for you. I admire you for focusing on that 'up' side of life here...


Enjoy your celebrations

Dette :)

PS Only realised this morning that we have been here for 10 months today...

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Guest graandjac

:notworthy:Laura you and your family should be the example to all the people who give up after a few months.....its great to see that things are now improving and you are enjoying your new life........good luck for the rest of your life in Australia

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Hi Laura, nice to see that things are picking up for you and your family, just like to say that I always enjoy reading your experiences and it just goes to show that with a little determination things can change even if it takes a while. I'm sure when you get your citizenship it will have been all worth it. Good luck to your next year and hope to be over there with you all very soon.

Take care

Jo x

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Guest ReadyPenny

Great news Laura. Hopefully this year will be better for you all and I have everything crossed for your job interviews.


Good on you for sticking it out and being positive 1 year in, despite the difficulties you have faced.


At least you have the opportunity to give it a whirl!!!!!



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congratulations laura on that milestone - its fantastic to follow experiences like yours - good and bad bits are all welcome, thats the realities after all. we are here 1 week tomorrow so expect to read my ups and downs very soon !


all the best for your second year in sa



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Its been really nice reading your posts as they are always so honest, just think how fast this year has gone, the next will be even quicker and before you know it you will be an Aussie citizen. Glad you have stuck it out and hope you keep enjoying it more and more.

I think 2 years is a minimum for everyone before they pack in and come home, you are a great example to us all.


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