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Guest Vicks&Stu

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Guest Vicks&Stu



We have been here 3 months now, can't believe how quick it's gone, so thought I would add another post.

We arrived in August when it was pretty cold and miserable and I am pleased to say the weather has drastically improved! Although it's still very changeable, one day 30 degrees and then down to 18 the next! It's a very dry heat here though, which is nice, although we have been warned about the 40 degree days, so I'll wait and see what we say about those!!

We have met some really nice people both from off PIA and through work. Australian people are very friendly.

We both got jobs within about 6 weeks which was pretty good. Work here is more laid back than the UK, but we both only get 20 days annual leave, which doesn't seem like a lot, but I think is fairly standard across Australia.

For me I think Adelaide is a great city. The city centre is not too big and very easy to get around, the beaches are great and you also have the hills. The lifestyle here is very laidback and the food is pretty amazing. Almost every type of cuisine is available here and eating out is pretty reasonable in terms of cost. We seem to do more here than we did at home - but we are yet to join a gym!

We shipped a lot of our stuf from UK over and it finally arrived about a week and a half ago. As many people on here have said, when you live without a lot of stuff for 3 months, you kind of get used to not having it. I was surprised when it arrived that we managed to fit it all in the house - and for a while it was just like Christmas!

While we love it here I do miss family and friends from the UK. We are already planning a trip back in August next year and having a date when we know we will see everyone again does make it easier. Other than that I miss marmite, heat magazine and News of the World on a Sunday! The newspapers over here just don't do tabloid scandal!!!

Good luck to everyone in the process of applying.

Vicks & Stu

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Guest Dave & Carole

Dave very relieved to see that Marmite is available - even if under another name. Myself and the 2 kids will be gutted - as they say, you either love it or hate it!!!

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Guest Vicks&Stu

Thanks for replies everyone.

I have tried vegemite - it's not quite the same, but I am getting converted!!

Didn't know about Who magazine - will give that a go!



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Guest turners

we too arrived in august and even had to buy electric blanket cause it was sooo cold I agree with you on the fact that evryone is so friendly even our children said that. The weather makes everything seem better.

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