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Finally we got our 475 visa

Guest Yapp

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Im so excited, but then feel sick at the same time.

Got a call this morning to tell us we finally have our visa. We sent our application Jan 12th 08. Our agent had told us we would have our visa the start of October, so we had already resigned from our jobs etc. This has all been very stressful and Im sure there is more to come.

So we will arrive in Adelaide in 4 weeks time, just in time for Christmas!

****, I dont know whether to be sick, cry or cheer.


Reading this forum has been so helpful.

Thank you to all of you.



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Guest familygood

Congratulations!!! We got our VETASSESS back this morning so just going to apply to SA for sponsporship. Then on to the big Visa App. Going to try and stay realistic and wait a year until we start even thinking it will be granted!!

You must be so excited and Christmas in the sun sounds fantastic. Well done!! Hopefully that will be us next year...

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Guest HelenAndSiggi

Hi Carmen and Family,


it is good to see that someone with a 475 visa ( application send in January 08) have received their visa.

I can imagine how you feel - suddenly it is for real.

I wish you all the best in Australia - Good Luck!

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Well done, 11months eh, gosh thats cutting it fine for us, flights booked 12months from application on line, sweating now!!

Get the feeling sick, I am so excited all the time and then the reality kicks in and the sickness starts, especially when I see my mum with the babies!!

Good luck with it all

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Glad another 475 has got their visa, great news. Noticed you are in KL we are flying to Adelaide on 15.02 and having a 3 week holiday in Malaysia/Thailand and we plan to stay a couple of nights in KL. Really looking forward to the holiday but also so apprehensive about emigrating and like you also feel sick and excited ! Emotions change on a daily basis at the moment.


Good luck



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Thank you for all your good wishes.

Avastar, I totally understand crazy, I think I went crazy then mellowed again.

delbart, I hope you enjoy your holiday in Malaysia / Thailand. If you can, Elephant trekking is a must in Thailand, and ofcourse do lots of shopping, so much cheaper, but remember to always barter in both countries.

Rachiegarlo, trying very hard to destress by shopping! Have been buying things like shoes for myself and my daughters, as we live in flip flops here.


We have 3 weeks before we fly! I have a phone interview for a job this week, have booked my MNT course a couple of days after we land, so know the moment we land we will be going full throttle into the next chapter.


Thanks again :)

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